Cannot access bank accounts in Jordan or open a new one.

Hello.  I'm an attorney and my fiancee is currently working in Jordan for the UNCHR as a doctor on contract. She is an American citizen among other countries and I live in the United States. 

Because of where she works, the security is high and the rules strict.   She needs a buyout and wants to come home.  As 10 year practicing cardiologist, she has money but because she has been away for nearly a year, neither of her 2 accounts, Euroclear or Celtic Bank (Utah, USA), will let her transact to get her $ without been seen in person which us impossible.   

She has the funds multi-fold but cannot touch it.  This is urgent and my fiancee is upset that she is stuck. 

No scams please.   I can or will be to verify anything and everything as we both have multiple forms of ID, etc.  Please help.