Visiting Quebec

Hi everybody
I'm from Egypt
I've already applied to Quebec permanent resident visa and as it takes about 2 years processing and i can't wait to see the place so i decided to visit Quebec I'm planning to come in October and stay for one or two months. so i need every single advice about the cheapest accommodation, the best places to visit, and if i can make use of this visit to learn some french too. i need all that in the most affordable prices. We are four persons 2 Adults And 2 kids.

Hi Azza80, u r welcome, i"m Fres from Egypte, till me pls whrer u r now? if u r abroad i can helpe u in which u want, this is my mail to contact
[email protected]
have anice time

Is your country excempt from obtaining visa to travel to Canada? while you have application lodge/on process to settle or permanent residency? if so then you can travel since you stil got your original passport..IF not then you have to get/apply visa to travel Canada. after that yo can research wher to get a cheapest accomodation, interested places to visit and  learn some french.. There's a lot of website to satisfy your querries.. goodluck on your visa application!

Hello Azza80,

Have you already take a look to the guide Canada? you might find some helpful information.


tnx for ur advice. actually my situation has changed a lot now as i am now on waiting list for the interview to immigrate to Quebec. i have to wait, studyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy frenchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh