Help! Where to Find Unadulterated Food

I recently moved to Dhaka and am distressed to learn from a front page story in the Daily Star that at least 70% of food (rice, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, prepared foods) contains dangerously high levels of unregulated toxic chemicals used to preserve and enhance its appeal.

These toxins will cause a broad range of disease that includes, not least; organ and respiratory  illness , organ cancers, childhood development disorders.

Is there a place to buy unadulterated food directly from growers or through community farming? Can food "baskets" be delivered from local farms or sellers who grow unadulterated vegetables? Are there shops or organizations that sell fresh food that is proven to be unadulterated?

"We are eating poison" said one scientist at yesterday's press conference. That is just not going to be an acceptable way to live for my family, and I'm sure you must feel the same. So, how can our families eat food that is not poison?

Hopefully there is a solution in place, but if there's not perhaps one is ready to be implemented.


Hello Ragvar and welcome to!

I hope that other members will advise you soon.


Sorry brother there's no such place in dhaka where u'l find unadulterated food :(

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