Post-Covid-19 situation in the USA

Hello everyone,

The COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on the world, including on expats' lives. Travel restrictions, business closures, budget cuts, and health measures have created unprecedented challenges for those who have chosen to live in the USA.

Now that the pandemic is moderated, expats are adjusting to a new daily routine. So tell us, how is your expat life now:

Are there still any health measures in place in the USA? If so, what are they (wearing a mask, barrier measures, etc.)?

Have you noticed any changes in the population's habits or behavior after the pandemic?

What is your new work rhythm: do you still work remotely or are you spending more time in the office?

Have you changed your spending habits? If so, which ones?

Despite this pandemic and its consequences, how do you see your future in the USA?

Do you have any advice for other expats and future expats on this new daily life in the USA?

Thank you for your contribution.
Mickael team