Moving to Hong Kong

Hi, I am looking to move to Hong Kong from England in October this year. I am 28 and I currently work in Local Government as a Development Officer. I have not secured employment in Hong Kong and it looks like its going to be hard doing so whilst still in England.

It's come to a time in my life where a radical change is needed and a change in culture and work opportunities is required. Having had a few holidays in the far east and enjoying the culture more than in England, I have decided that Hong Kong is best for me. My sister also used to work and live in Hong Kong for 8 years and loved it before moving to shanghai for two years and now is back in England having started a family.

I'm excited about my choice to jump ship here in England and start a new and more exciting life in Hong Kong. But I am also very nervous as I will be doing this whole thing on my own, and so wondered whether anybody could help me figure out a plan of action or point me in the right direction.


The plan is to jump into the country with a one way ticket (ensuring that I have all the visas in place before I come to HK) and start looking. I hear that there are plenty of jobs around and I have a Certificate of Higher Education and a Diploma in Built Environment Development.

I wondered what would be the best way for me to start looking once in Hong Kong? I have been told that to socially network is the best form of opening employment possibilities, with people knowing people in different industries looking for staff.

On the other hand I was also considering making myself known to a number of agencies with resumes to hand. Does anyone recommend particular agencies that I could register with and who would be good for British expats?

Thank you to anyone who reads through all that, and I look forward to any information or words of wisdom that you can pass on to me.

Just want to get there as soon as possible!

Hi Edward,

Welcome to hk! I have friends who looked for job while they weren't in hk, and successfully got the job interview and now working in hk. There are some job seeking website in hk, the one I know called jobs db( where I found my job too.

Good luck:)

Have you considered teaching?  Hong Kong has a variety of teaching jobs for various teaching skills, levels and degrees.  Here's a link to a current job listing in Hong Kong.  If this isn't exactly what you're looking for, try browsing the jobs on Teacher Gig.  Happy Job Hunting!


Welcome to Hong Kong. HK is an exciting place, with high living standard, stressful working life I will say...I will say it's crazy...the way people doing, basically it could be complicated in a way...but somewhat high efficiency. Quick.

Salary is good these days depends what exactly you're looking for. You could explore more at professional web site such as LinkedIn, other agents such as Maxim recruitment..classified are the links:-

hope those are useful for you.[/justify]Also, it would be easier for you if you accept Chinese culture...even lots of expats here.

Used to study in Surrey ...I miss it!

Take care.


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