How can we purchase a house in the Netherlands?

Hi everyone, My name is Mark and at present I'm living in the UK. I am planning on selling my house in the near future to join my wife of 15 yrs, in the Netherlands. She is a Dutch national and has just moved back to Holland 14 months ago after living in the UK for 11 yrs. Hopefully the forum and members will be able to spread a little light on how we can purchase a house in the Netherlands after the sale of the house in UK. Looking forward to the interaction with others. Thanks


Mark and Monique

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

LOL - small world, I'm also married to a Dutch lady with a Roepnaam of Monique; although we made the move the other way.  If your wife has been back that long, then I assume that she has reopened her Dutch bank account; the best place to start is your bank.  If you have a joint account, then try and make the appointment together and see what they can offer you.

The housing market in the Netherlands is expensive.  Our daughter sold her house in Almelo and almost doubled what she had paid for it as a new build a few years earlier.  My wifes sister just sold her house in Enschede and made a lot of money, enough to buy a house across the border in Gronau.  So perhaps think about living across the border from the Netherlands, there are cross-border working agreements in place, so banks, doctors, schools etc are used to working with this.

I hope this helps.


Expat Team