Looking for a Room in South Delhi

Hi everyone,

I am moving in Delhi for at least 1 year and searching for a place to stay, ideally a flat to share.
The company I'll work in is located next to Okhla, so I'm searching for an accomodation in this area.

I am easy going,respectful and like meeting new people!
Used to flat sharing,I already shared flats in Canada and Paris during my studies.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any tips .

Thank you!


Hi Caro!

Have you tried posting an advert in the flat share section of New Delhi classifieds?
It might help!


Hi, I have 2 flats. one in GK 1 Delhi(very near to OKHLA) and one in Noida(that too near), if u are interested then please feel free to contact me.
Saad Abdullah,

Contact mE at-9910722579- I am an Agent

saadabdullah0070, DelhiGuy , you should register in the business directory

Yeah sure Julien. I will register there. Thanks for the advice.

hii Caro..i would advise you to look for something in neighbouring but expat friendly areas which means in societies where good families reside and the best area near to Okhla is GK-1, GK-2  which are like 4-5 kms from okhla....,or may be defense colony which is a lil far but very popular among expats...

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