permenant residence in Germany working remotely from abroad

Hi All,

I have been scouting the internet for an answer but does not seem to find one.

I am a holder of German Permanent residence, I am working for a German company Remotely, the Company allows me to work from any country I want, I want to spend a year with my family in a none EU country, I am still paying rent for my apartment in Germany.

I was reading that a holder of PR cannot leave the country for more than 6 months, does this apply to me taking into consideration that I am still working, paying taxes in Germany and I have address and everything?



Stays abroad of over 6 months are possible, if the duration is planned to be limited from the start - and if this is approved by your Ausländeramt beforehand. So contact them!

(Whether you still rent a place and thus are tax-liable in Germany, probably makes no difference in legal terms.)