Urgent home for old cat

Urgent home needed for an old ginger cat that has been dumped at a shelter but he won't last in shelter. He has been hiding and crying since being left

je is 14 years old and sterilised

he has liver and kidney problems but help will be given with this. Please help him it's VERY URGENT

Hello Kathabc

In what region/city are you located ? It could be easier finding someone around.



If still available and in Cairo, I am interested

Hey andrewatef,

thank you for your interest but I doubt it is still available as it was posted one years ago.

But let's see. 1f601.svg



Expat.com team

there is a gorgeous grey Persian looking one or the white one with the damaged mouth are still avilable if you are interested in adopting

Hello Time Walk85,

Did you rescue them or are they your own cats?

To help you get them a new home quickly, I invite you to post an advert in the Egypt classifieds section.



Expat.com team

Hello Cheryl ,

Actually Kathleen and me are helping a shelter who rescue them , So there is more cats who need homes , And thanks for your support much appreciated