Retire to Crete


we are looking to rent long term in Maleme area near Chania. Few questions, can we buy a decent car for about €6000? How much is car insurance roughly? anyone out there pay for private medical insurance? Is it necessary and how much?

My hubby and I are British citizens but I have dual nationality with a German passport.

Any general advice would be appreciated.

thanks 😊



Great choice to retire on Crete! We love the island, the food, the nature, the climate…

We are also British and we are renting out our house in Kritsa on long term basis. Please let me now if you are interested:

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Many thanks!

@CharlieKauf Dear Charlie, I read the post. I am also interested in renting longterm, if the couple is not interested. I am female 64, a little cretin dog, nonsmoking...I travel to Crete many months a year, and always rent a car, but now, facing retirement, I would like to stay longer. Many regards Kristina

@josieirving21 hi there, no, it is not necessary to have private insurance in Greece, but that relegates you to the public system, which I would not recommend.

if you are a resident of the EU, you are entitled to care in the public system, if not, they will not abandon you, but I'm not sure what you will get in terms of quality.

I am an American living in Greece, retired entitled to American care known as Social Security, but that does not entitle me to any services in Greece. So I have taken up private insurance, which has taken care of me without needing to pay anything more for two medical issues I've had to deal with while here. I have no complaints from my insurers.

@kvandeyk Dear Kristina, I have just sent you a private message. Many thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you.