Rent a flat or a house in the East Timor

Finding a place to live is a priority when settling in the East Timor. Your experience will be of a great help for the members who want to settle in the East Timor.

Therefore, we have prepared some questions for you:

Which kinds of accommodation are available in the East Timor?

Is it hard to find a flat or a house for rent in the East Timor?

How to find a home in the East Timor: classifieds, real estate portals, real estate agencies?

How much is the rental for a house, an apartment?

What are the formalities or the required documents for renting an accommodation?

Which advice would you give?

Thanks in advance for participating!


My family and I will arrive in East Timor 15th of December. We are looking for a house with 2 badroom to rent. We cannot to pay a lot of money,however we'd like to have an idea about the price to rent house in Dili area.

So, if someone have some idea, I would appreciate it.

Thanks so much

Hi Rosangela,

Congrats on going to East Timor, it is a great place with lovely people.  I just spent two years there - volunteering and then working.  I rented a few places in that time in Dili and rent ranged from $350-600/month.  It can take a while to find a place but it will happen.

You may like to checkout this eBook Livining in East Timor.

Happy to help with other questions.  Cheers

I am planing to move Dili East Timore in by Mid September 2012. I would like to move with family i would like ot have 3 bed rooms with living room aprtment in Dili.


I am moving to Dili, East Timor on next week. and i would like to have one bed room apparment, or House. please Let me Know. waiting for your kind response.

Best Regards

Hello Fida,

This thread has been inactive since 2012, so i will be closing it down. I suggest you drop an advert in the Housing in the East Timor section of the website so that you may get some offers.

All the very best,

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