Nothern Cyprus Visa

I see that the visa to Northern Cyprus is 90 days. Is there anyway to extend this past the 90 days?

Is it possible for me to leave out of the country for 90 days, and then to come back and get another 90 day visa? Or do they have it where you can only get 90 days every 180 days like Turkey? Or only stay 6 months out of the year.

Note the standard visa issued for a visitor is 30 days.... You may have to ask for the longer period and explain why and prove return flights and where you are staying .. You can get an extension beyond 90 days if you take residency or can prove you have a holiday home .. so it will mean a trip to the police or immigration dept to get an extension each time ....

Also note there are fines for overstaying (450 Try per day) and or potential ban of upto 3years