Rent a flat or a house in Chiang Mai

Finding a place to live is a priority when settling in Chiang Mai. Your experience will be of a great help for the members who want to settle in Chiang Mai.

Therefore, we have prepared some questions for you:

Is it hard to find a flat or a house for rent in Chiang Mai?

How to find a home in Chiang Mai: classifieds, real estate portals, real estate agencies?

How much is the rental for a house, an apartment?

What are the formalities or the required documents for renting an accommodation?

Which advice would you give?

Thanks in advance for participating!

Not difficult finding a rental in Chiang Mai.  There are a lot of options, and plenty of availability, and rents are cheap.  Inside town, there are many apartment/condos available.  You can see the buildings as you wander around town or in the neighborhood that you like, and simply walk into the office to inquire about rentals.  Almost everywhere there is availability.  Bigger homes with nice yards and that are quiet are outside of town about 10-15km, and really would be necessary to have a car.  Many are advertised in classifieds such as Thai Visa Classifieds (probably the best for Thailand).  Rents in town for a decent condo with two bedrooms would start at about Bht 8000/mo ($270 US), and for a nice 3/4 BR house just outside of town would start at about Bht 15,000 ($525 US). Cost of housing in CM is very reasonable, and it is easy to get a very nice rental.  There is no requirement for special documents, only whatever the property owner feels comfortable with in giving you the place.  Often owners give a nice discount if you can pay the year in advance at the initial rental time.

If you do a simple Google search for rentals Chiang Mai, you will find an abundance of rentals.

One of the largest is 'Chiang Mai Properties': … 000&page=2

I see listed for condos:

127 - 0-10,000 baht
83 - 10,000 - 15,000baht
67 - 15,000 - 20,000baht


Since many will require a year lease, I strongly suggest you consider a 'serviced apartment' while you 'shop around'. … 49&bih=516

Thank you very much GregCV and seattle99 for your contribution! :)

Although I have never been to Chiang Mai before, I am coming in November.

It should be relatively easy to find an apartment in the city.

Hello DerekMarshall and welcome to!

Thanks for your contribution.


It is not difficult Derek. Let me know if I can be any helps.

I live in Chiang Rai province but know Chiang Mai well.
Anyone moving to any major Thai city would be recommended to spend a couple of weeks there in a hotel or guest house and shop around.
Many properties rented by locals are only advertised by word of mouth and I'd advise checking out the area you want to live in, the river front area, the city or one of the hillside suburbs... then asking around.
Trust me, you will pay a lot less than going through an agent.


Indeed, meet up with some of the older expats who have been there for years... many living in fantastic houses or apartments for minimal rent. Once you have a car you can be quite a way out, I live 20kms out of Chiang Rai.
Just nice.

Another suggestion:

Thailand has very weak,if not totally 'non-existant zoning laws'.

Since you probably need to sign a 'year lease', I suggest you visit the condo, say at 9-10 o'clock at night.


Because in the daytime, you might not notice the neighboring beer bar, disco, karaoke, ...> > >

It always amazes me how people get these "great" apartments in places like Beach Road, Pattaya or Bangla Road, Patong Beach and then start screaming about the noise...  :rolleyes:

HI there I'm a Brit looking to take (very early retirement!) in CM...any advice regarding which serviced apartments to stay in whilst shopping around for a nice condo, also which condos would best be described as top of the range? cheers and thanks for your assistance William

A blog/review I wrote about the Viangbua Mansion.

Jonathonmac :

HI there I'm a Brit looking to take (very early retirement!) in CM...any advice regarding which serviced apartments to stay in whilst shopping around for a nice condo, also which condos would best be described as top of the range? cheers and thanks for your assistance William

Alot of people stay in smith residence, But I personally have never stayed there but is worth checking.

Serviced apartments, Chiang Mai

ok but i think the best offer are when you look around with a thai friends. Here is old style best plan if you know some who know someone, etc

Hello everyone,

We have been living in Chiang Mai for 2 1/2 months now. I have written an article outlining all of the places we looked at, the prices, and reviews with links to the properties.

If anyone is interested in an up to date rental post, I have written one for everyone to share.

Feel free to click on the link, and I hope it helps!


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I am planninig to retire in Chiangmai Thailand starting next year, as per the instruction of long stay visa in thailand, it is possible to send my furniture to Thailand duty-free. my qustion  Is it worth to do so ? if yes What is the voltage frequency HZ in Chiang mai is it 50 OR 60 Hz? finally what is the second hand 1300 CC car price in BHT( Approx.) ?
Thank you

To Art Publisher:  If you have a retirement visa completed (must be done first time in your home country), then you can ship household goods duty free.  Take advantage of this as much as you can.  In some places --- I know it is in the US --- there are Thai shipping companies that take care of all the paperwork, hassle, etc.  The big one in the US is Rama Shipping with several offices, and they pick up from anywhere in the US.  Good folks that make it very easy. 
Believe AC frequency is 50 Hz per sec like Japan.  With many electronics like laptops, you don't need to worry as the plug you have converts it to DC (no cycle).  Same with Iphone and similar electronics.  You may burn out a toaster, but that kind of stuff is not worth bringing. 
Second hand cars are expensive!  They do not go down in price here much at all (and it is aggravating).  New cars are only a little more, and you can be assured that the mileage meter has not been "adjusted" to reflect lower miles (a common trick here).  Unfortunately, cars are expensive in Thailand.  Motor bikes are cheap, though.

Hi Christine;

Newby here and having JUST gone thru the process (lease signed 1/1/13) I feel I can give some current insights

Are there places for rent in Chiang Mai?  Absolutely, a ton of them.  BUT there is a catch.  Real estate agencies will only show you their listings from their websites.  If you see something you like on a different website you have to contact that real estate company.  We got around this by hiring a buyer's agent - or in our case renters.  Basically we paid her xyz amount of money, I would surf the internet for properties I wanted to see, send her the listing and she would contact the other agent set up a viewing and we would go look at the property.  Be aware realtors will NOT share commissions.  We were under a bit of a deadline so it was money well spent. You will find you usually only can see one or two properties a day.  A good week was 4 houses total. 

We found the place we eventually rented through CMCC classified ads.  Our realtor negotiated our dog (the original ad said no pets) and an additional AC (one upstairs, one downstairs). 

We saw properties that ranged from 8000TB to the 14,000TB 2 bedroom townhouse we rented.  Houses within the wall or close to central CM average 2000 to 3000TB a month more than farther out.  But I guarantee you will spend waaaay more on transporation if you live farther out as A single tuk/tuk/song taew, or taxi trip can cost 2000 to 6000TB.

If you are bringing your pet there are NO ( Nada, Zip, None) apartments or condos that allow pets.  If you attempt to smuggle one in and they catch you you are out of your housing and out your deposit (2-3 months rent not unusual).  You are going to have to rent a house or townhouse. 

General advice?  Thai furniture has a second job as an instrument of torture.  Be prepared to spend $2000 to $3000 buying things like mattress pads, a decent sofa, cooking utinsels, etc..  If you are into your creature comforts bring your high loft towels and high thread count sheets.  They will be your best bang for the buck in terms of airline luggage allowance.

Get a realtor that speaks english really well.  It is tricky enough negotiating the real estate waters without dealing with a language barrier.  I really feel that paying the realtor regardless of whose property she showed us was a great investment.  I KNOW she saved us over 2000tb a month because the original listing on my house was 2K over what I am paying.

You can do a month-by-month rental at View Doi Mansion for I think 5,000 B/Month... I stayed there last year and it was nice and clean..

hope this helps.


Is it hard to find a flat or a house for rent in Chiang Mai?
~nope not rally

How to find a home in Chiang Mai: classifieds, real estate portals, real estate agencies?
by real estate agencies would be more effective

How much is the rental for a house, an apartment?
for a apartment in old city will be between 3500-5000THB.
for a house with furnitures nearly about 10000THB

It's not hard, but must be careful not to choose too isolated place. Cheap but not safe

Hi Christine I am interested to live and retire in Chiang Mai I will first go for ten day in February 2014. In CM, is there any area where Ex-pats live or like a Ex-pats' colony or which little town is the best to retire in Chiang Mai??? appreciate you directions.

A lot of expats live in two condo complexes.  Hillside and Nakornping.  They are both within easy transit to the city center and two malls (one opening late this fall and one the first mall in Chiang Mai).  Nimahamen Road is very popular with the younger crowd near the University.

* Try to deal directly with house owners.  E.g. 8,000 baht houses will be offered as 10,000 baht houses by agencies.

* Also try Thai websites (ask Thai people) and use Google translator. You will find the same houses as offered on Thaivisa classifieds (or other English websites), but different prices.

* Get a Chiang Mai Community Classifieds subscription (How to Subscribe: Send an email to ads-subscribe[at] 

For less than 6 months I'd suggest serviced apartments or sublets.
I wouldn't even suggest real estate agents. Too much hassle with contracts, indirect communication with the owner, at the end of the term you have to open your house to show it to the possible new renter. I had many times that the employee (fm the agency) didn't show up or way too late.
If you want to deal with agencies, find one that is not too large. Communication lines are shorter.
One I thought was fine was at Meechok plaza ( on the right side, at the end of the row with restaurants and shops) The owner (older woman) is sitting at the office while you have a conversation with the younger woman (relative) She showed me some houses and was honest about the houses she showed me. She is fluent in English.

PS When you have a motorbike,  you don't need to stay in the center of the city.

Rep. to Soy.
That's not always the case. I definitely like customers to contact me directly myself just because i dont have to pay them commission,  which is usually 1 month from one year contract. It means i dont get the first month rental. The price i sell is the same as i propose to customers. I just have to pay for what i should pay for their service. And yes if u direct to me instead of via agency,  i may give u some discounts :)

I tried accessing your article, pasting link in my browser but it was 'not found'.  As I will be looking for a place when I am there in December, I would really like to read it.

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Hello All, Chiang Mai newbie here lol.  I'm still doing my research on the different areas of Chiang Mai and trying to establish a solid base of operations. I'm looking to stay in the main city close to the walking street type areas and markets, stores.
I'm planning on buying a condo/house, but definitely am in no rush to do it. Any reccos on the area I am going to want to focus on to at least get something sorted out for a couple of months??

Mike, Retired Yank here, lol living in Chiang Mai, thought maybe I could be of a lil help to ya...
Ya lived forawhile in Pattaya huh, I was a soildier here during the Vietnam era. was stationed in Sattahip. I remember Pattaya as a quite lil Thai village and a buitiful 2 1/2 mile long quite beach...... Haa lol now huh....
Ok to  business
For a place to live for a short stay as in a month of longer I'd recommend the Galorthong condos (Galore thong ??)
there about 1 1/2 miles from walking street and a reasonable place to live while ya get your feel of the place. Best realator I know of is
Chiang Mai properties as in ( if that gets bleated as a free advert, google it
There website is tricky on 1st page gotta be fast when ya click on property types..... you'll see what I mean when ya try it. Theres shopping malls all over the place (6 I know of all within 1 1/2 miles to 4 miles of city center. anymore ? and ya can write me at
Good luck and
Sawadee Krop
mchkin or Mike

Kor khun krup Mike! Yea even in the past 10 years the changes I've seen since my stint in Patters are amazing, the place is changing every few months it looks like lol. Tempted to drop in for a week upon landing in BKK and finding a taxi  ;) 

For sure though definitely looking for a reliable place others have stayed in the 10-15k baht range for the first month while I scout around. Hate moving from hotels week to week for sure. Will definitely check out what you mentioned. Appreciate the quick reply to the question as well!!!!

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