Looking for someone to exchange visits

Am captain pilot Ahmed from Egypt am owner for media company and am looking for a friend In USA to exchange visits . I took all my flight courses in texas and florida and I visited 8 state and I have big love for this country.

Hello, I'm Diksha from Los Angeles. Tell me where you're from and where you currently reside. If you're solely seeking for exchange visits, what does that entail in this context?

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Hi Diksha sharma thanks for your comment, I am now in Egypt planing to visit the state at the coming new year and as I mentioned I have been before and I took my flight courses there and I visited about 8 or 9 states but my favourite state was Texas and florida and I would love to see more States with local living at there states so I can see the real ppl and the nice places also , of course I will do the same with the one who will come and visit Egypt. I like to have friends and I like to know more about the cultures .

@Diksha sharma I'm from Uganda and I need to exchange visit

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As a new member, a little introduction and some words about yourself would be much appreciated.

People tend to help when they know more about the person asking for help.



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Yes People want to help from experience but they need to more information about asking person.