Resigning Remotely (Cancel EP)

Does anyone have experience resigning from their Malaysian company while working remotely abroad? I currently can't return to Malaysia, so I can't submit my Passport for EP cancellation.

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you may go to the nearest embassy/high commissioner of Malaysia to get it cancelled.

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I don't think Malaysian Embassy will handle the cancellation. It is a employee/employer responsibility to do cancellation before end of the contract/expiry of pass if no renewal. If you cannot submit your passport for cancellation before leaving the country, the company will lodge a police report and with that will proceed to cancel in Immigration.


Ex Company need to cancel your pass.. If your EP still valid more easier to cancel. Process cancellation 1 day with complete documents. If u still at origin country, so many process need to be done.

1) Income tax clearance

2) Police report from ex company

3) Ex company need to do statutory fron commissioner of oath.

4) copy passport with visa.


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