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Japan's labor shortage: Can new visa reforms solve the ...
Facing a labor shortage and a worsening demographic situation, Japan is gradually opening up to immigration, particularly by reforming its visa policies. However, the country remains torn between economic necessity and a social model built on homogeneity. Here's an analysis.
New country, new job: How to adapt to a different work ...
Flexible or non-flexible work, remote or in-person, after-work gatherings or solo meals... The corporate world is unique. That being said, expatriates need time to integrate into the business culture of the foreign country and establish their work rhythm.
International careers: How recruiters assess your ...
Using personality and skills tests during the recruitment process is now a common practice. Gone are the days when only a resume and a loosely structured interview were enough. Today, several tests are available and utilized by nearly 72% of hiring companies, according to a recent study by People Management. 
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More and more expatriates are becoming aware of the importance of mental health preservation. Rather than seeing "career" and "mental health" as opposing forces, they recognize the importance of well-being at work. But how can working abroad impact your mental health? How can you prepare for and protect yourself while working overseas? Let's find out.
Essential rules for hiring top foreign talent in 2024
Global mobility in 2024 is navigating through a challenging economic climate. Despite significant variations between countries, strong common trends are affecting major recruiting nations. Housing and purchasing power crises have become a severe issue for governments, prompting measures to continue attracting foreign workers while striving to emerge from these crises.
How Gen Z is revolutionizing work abroad
They are under 25 years old and dream of a new life abroad. However, their vision of the global labor market is different from that of their predecessors. Who are these "new generation expats" challenging traditional corporate norms?
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Argentina, Buenos Aires
Added on 17/06/2024
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