Seeking employment oportunity to move to Santiago

Posted 9 months ago
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With Enthusiasm & interest towards animals, music,technology, science, high emotional intelligence and someone that is very familiar with hard work I know that I am able to fill a large variety of roles in different locations establishments (if asked I can provide my resume/currículo) I am a positive and energetic indivudual (UK national living in Hong Kong) that has a passion for my interests and works very hard to complete his goals and tasks. (the period of time for working I have stated above is just a random period of time I filled in)

I am looking for a job position that I can provide a lot of help with while fulfilling my interests and passions. Of course not everything will be perfectly in line with what I want or be the ideal situation but I am very open to any offers or suggestionsand I might accept anything that is close to what im looking for!


Experience in Music production, manual labour & Construction, Kitchens. Enthusiasm & interest towards animals, high emotional intelligence.


Highschool diploma, extensive E-Learning

Language(s) spoken

Spanish (Fluent)

English (Mother tongue)

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