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Admin/Project Coordinator: Hotel Development
Renascent Hospitality
Fixed-term contract
Added on 20/12/2023
Everything you need to know to work in Salta
Finding a job in Argentina
It is not difficult to find a job in Argentina as an expat, as the country is home to numerous national and international companies, offering job opportunities to qualified professionals from all over the world.
The labour market in Argentina
Since the economic crisis of 2001,  the Argentine economy has seriously improved. Several years of sustained economic growth have permitted the country to resume its development. Nevertheless, unemployment and job insecurity remain high in the country, and illegal work and immigration are recurrent problems. Many Argentines unfortunately still live below the poverty line.
WHV Argentina
Do you dream of getting professional experience in Argentina? You can apply for a Working Holiday Visa (WHV). More information in this article…
Setting up a business in Argentina
Every year, businessmen and businesswomen from around the world choose to launch their business in Argentina, as you can enjoy numerous benefits by setting up a company here.
Getting an internship in Argentina
Argentina provides its own unique culture by combining South American traditions with a European influence, making it a perfect place for interns from Europe looking to live somewhere new and exciting, whilst retaining that feeling of familiarity.
Where to look for work in Argentina
In Argentina, most of the work opportunities for expats are in the big cities, specifically in the Banking, ICT and Oil sectors. If you are not skilled in one of these areas, you might find it tricky to get paid work in the country, but there are certain places where its easier to get a job than others. Below we have listed the five best cities to begin your job hunt.  
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