Maintenance Manager / Power Plant Manager

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Position held: Power Plant Manager


• Ensure compliance with company standards and policies

• Ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and company policies regarding HSA

• Prepare and propose the operation and maintenance plan for the following year

• Prepare and propose the annual operation and maintenance budget

• Ensure reliability in the supply of electrical energy to the country's capital

• Manage resources for efficient execution of the approved budget

• Prepare the technical specifications of the projects to be developed according to the approved budget.

• Ensure the execution of the training and development plan for local personnel

• Prepare monthly budget execution reports

• Prepare monthly operational execution reports

• Project annual growth in energy demand

• Propose improvement and expansion projects associated with estimated growth

Position: Maintenance Manager


Maintain the availability and reliability of all plant equipment using best maintenance practices.

• Prepare, manage, and control the maintenance budget.

• Ensure compliance with all procedures and work instructions approved in the Integrated Management System.

• Ensure optimal technical and professional training of maintenance personnel, according to the gaps detected in their performance.

• Objectively reflect the performance results of each member of the maintenance team.

• Periodically review and analyze maintenance management indicators.

• Plan, develop, coordinate, and manage plant shutdowns, both planned and extraordinary.

• Evaluate and approve preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance programs.

• Ensure efficient management of warehouse inventory.

• Ensure optimal management and response of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, planning and warehouse equipment

• Develop, monitor and control the preparation of technical specifications, technical-economic analysis and execution of contracted maintenance services.

• Develop and use negotiation techniques and tools in the contracting of goods and services.

• Ensure and encourage the investigation and dissemination of lessons learned in incidents and accidents.

• Integrate the minor hiring committee as a main member.

• Integrate the occupational health and safety committee as a company delegate to the INPSASEL

• Comply with the responsibilities established in the HS&A Standards and Procedures, as well as the HS&A programs and activities inherent to the job.


• Maintain RECORD on maintenance management indicators for the facility for the last three years (Execution of the annual plan greater than 97%, preventive Vs corrective ratio 95% Vs 5%, backlog less than 1 week, deviation in warehouse inventory less than 1 %, among the most notable). These results are within the best standards worldwide.

• Assist in achieving “zero” recommendation in the last visit of the reinsurer (few cases in the world as commented by the auditor)

• Contribute to the achievement of more than 500 H/H of own manpower without disabling accidents. For an organization of 30 people, this is equivalent to zero accidents since the start of the plant (2000 to 2009). During 2008, recognition was obtained from the GPA (Gas Processing Association) for this reason.

• Contribute to achieving plant reliability greater than 98% in the last three years, as well as plant availability greater than 98%.

• Coordinate the development of more than 200 maintenance work procedures and instructions.

• Coordinate the execution of 9 total plant shutdowns


Power Plant Management

Maintenance Management

Rotating Equipment Expert

Budget elaboration, execution and control

Operation and Maintenance plans management

High voltage substation

Gas Turbines (heavy duty and aeroderivatives)


Vibration analysis

Oil analysis

LNG extraction plants


Industrial Maintenance Engineer

Master in Bussines Administartion

Master in High Voltage Installations

Diploma in Maintenance Management

Diploma in Management for Engineers

Language(s) spoken

Spanish (Mother tongue)

English (Advanced)

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