Help by renting and apartment or house in Ecuador

Updated 2011-11-15 06:53

Steps for saving money when you will rent sth. in Ecuador

First of all stay in a cheap hotel here in ecuador, once you are here begin to find a place to rent. Second buy the local paper 'el comercio' and check 'clasificados' ask the hotel´s receptionist for help by speaking. Make an appointment to see the department you are interested in. Third see the place and surroundings of it.

Rental prices

Shared apartment up $150 monthly, small suite apartment around $350 monthly, the cheapest well located apartments are in these zones: carcelén, solca, jipijapa, av. América, near to vozandes hospital, iñaquito market, 10 de agosto, batán bajo'¦ please don´t rent at commercial and financial centers of the city, if you are looking for cheap rentals'¦ high rentals (a suite-apartment 1 bedroom up $500) zones are: jardines del batán, bellavista, monteserrín, quito tenis, center of cumbayá and tumbaco valleys, because they are at an axcellent location easy commute, close to shopping centers, modern buildings, high security zone with guards (one per building) ' security make more expensive the rental.

Other expenses food, clothing, transport

Please find the nearest street market, where you can get fresher and cheaper food cook yourself, its healthier and you will save a huge amount of money. Foreigners clothing is very expensive in ecuador because it is imported and imported items in Ecuador have high fees.

You don´t need to buy a car to live in Ecuador. The minimum taxi fair is $1, the bus lines are all over the city, you don´t have to wait so much for taking a bus ($ 0,25 per ride)

If you would like more advises please contact me, its free !

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