Get Sydney, New South Wales driver licence

Updated 2010-02-25 06:21

As the accident rating is quite high, Australia is really strict with the driving law and in the process to get licence. It’s not easy to get driver licence here as it can be really tough. The normal procedure requires you to get thru many steps in order to have full driver licence.

You have to passed thru driving test knowledge and practical driving test in order to get full driver licence. After you passed driving test knowledge, you'll get Learner Driver Licence which restrict you from driving unless you've been accompanied with someone that has full licence.

Here is the URL which you can practice before taking Driver Knowledge Test (DKT):


When you're ready and have fulfilled the requirements (120 hours driving time and held the current licence for at least 12 months) to take the next step, which is practical driving test that will requires you to have official instructor sit next you when he/she will guide you thru the practical process of the test. It'll take around 30-40 minutes in total. If you passed, then you will get P1 Driver Licence (Red) and you can convert it to full driver licence if you're holding an overseas driver licence for more than 5 years.

You can be exempted from driving test knowledge and could get your overseas driver licence converted to full driver licence if it issued from recognised countries that listed on RTA website which you can find out the URL on below.

Recognition of licences URL:

After holding P1 driver licence at least 12 months, you're eligible to process to P2 licence (Green) after you passed the HPT (Hazard Perception Test). Before eligible to apply for Full licence (silver), you've to hold a P2 licence for a minimum period of 24 months and passed DQT (Driver Qualification Test).

Obviously, full licence won't have any restrictions like others have (Learner, P1 and P2 licenses). Full licence holder is eligible to get Gold licence if they've been a good driver for the next 5 years without any offences. The advantage of Gold licence is cheaper fee and longer expiration date (5 years) if you extend your licence.

Once again here is the URL for the official government department who taking care of car licencing.


Here is the URL to get full information about how to get a licence in New South Wales / Sydney.


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