Adjusting to the local culture in San Francisco

San Francisco is home to close to 900,000 people and has a very diverse and dynamic population. Historically, it’s a city of newcomers. From early settlers who came here for the gold mines to entrepreneurs who laid the ground for Silicon Valley, the city has always attracted risk-takers and creatives.

Today, San Francisco is a progressive modern city with lots to do, see and learn.

San Francisco residents are very friendly and laid back and you can count on their assistance if you have questions about how things work in the city.

SF is one of the 15 most diverse cities in the US. Over a hundred languages are spoken on its streets and you will have a unique opportunity to learn about many different cultures without leaving the city.

If you are in some way related to the tech and IT sector, naturally, you will find SF to be a very exciting place to live in. The city is home to some of the biggest names in tech — like Salesforce, Twitter, Uber, Yelp and many others.

With that, there is way more to San Francisco than its tech fame. In fact, the city will never leave you without a thing to do. From some of the best dining spots in the US and an abundance of museums and exhibits to beautiful city parks and miles of hiking trails, San Francisco has something for everyone.

Another big perk of living in San Francisco is that unlike many cities in the US, it has a very efficient and very developed public transportation system.

Plus, SF is one of the ten best cities in the United States for cycling — which means that you can pretty much do without owning a car.

San Francisco is probably the best place in the country for millennials. The median age of the city’s residents is 38.2. There is a general vibe of entrepreneurship, creativity and optimism here that makes it a great destination for getting inspired.

With that, life in San Francisco is not without its drawbacks. In many ways, the city has become a victim of its own success — and the costs of living here are astronomical. San Francisco is the second most expensive city in the United States (after New York) — and renting an apartment here can be a challenge for most budgets.

Good to know:

Another problem that a lot of residents quote is the number of homeless people on the city’s streets. Unfortunately, the high cost of living in San Francisco has lead to those down on their luck moving into the streets — and you will often see miniature tent cities in different neighborhoods in the city.

Overall, adjusting to a new life in San Francisco shouldn’t be difficult. It’s a friendly city with a large international community and all the amenities one could ask for. And if you can afford it, your stay here can be a truly wonderful experience.

On the other hand, it’s perfectly normal to feel homesick in your first few months in SF. If you feel like you need more assistance in getting used to the new way of life, consider joining one of the many expat groups in the city: check social media and to find clubs to join.

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