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The government of Quebec offers various programs for immigrants to help them integrate the labour market. If you want to move to Montreal, you may enjoy those services in order to do a professional internship. However, you must know that these programs are generally set up for young people because of the higher unemployment rate in certain communities and visible minorities. Here are a few programs you may want to try.

Help programs

If you are an immigrant looking for an internship, you may want to try applying for the Employment Integration Program for Immigrants and Visible Minorities (PRIIME). It is a program mutually offered by Emploi Quebec, the Immigration and Cultural Communities ministry and Investment Quebec to help recruit people who want to have a first professional experience in North America. This will help them integrate the labour market according to their skills. You may be eligible if you obtain a permanent residency in Montreal for less than five years or if you never had a professional experience in the country. In this case, the employer who offered you an internship may be entitled to a financial help from the government of Quebec.

You may also use the Interconnection program created by the Chamber of Commerce of the Metropolitan Montreal in collaboration with Emploi Quebec. This program aims to bring together businesses in Montreal and permanent residents looking for a job. They will then be able to do an unpaid internship for a maximum period of four weeks. During sector conferences, immigrants will be able to get more familiar with a business sector and to identify its stakes. There are also open days to learn more about specific careers, professional or mentorship meetings, among others, that can help immigrants increase their social network and employers find potential employees, not forgetting interviews to bring immigrants and employers together. The following link will give you a better idea of the program:

Making the integration easier

Mentorat Montreal is a regional program created to help newcomers. This is a professional mentorship program developed by the CRÉ (Conférence Régionale des Élus) of Montreal in partnership with business and help centres in the city. The program helps establish an exchange relationship that will allow beneficiaries to get more knowledge, skills and advice from mentors involved in the business sector of Montreal. The program is made up of more than 40 important companies that provide mentorship services through their qualified and trained staff, as well as organizations with an experience in the job search. For further information, please check the following links :

Alliés Montréal
Conférence régionale des élus de Montréal

The Alliés Montreal is a part of the "Plan d'action régional en matière d'immigration, d'intégration et de relations interculturelles (PARMI)" and the CRÉ of Montreal. This program is made up of companies that think immigrant integration in their team as a business solution and aim to become a reference for other employers regarding durable integration of skilled immigrants.

Registering Online

If you already obtained your "Certificat de Sélection du Québec (CSQ)", you can register for the online international recruitment service before arriving in Montreal. This will allow you to publish your profile and check job offers from employers in Quebec. If you manage to find a job through this service, your application for a permanent resident permit will be treated in priority by the CIC, which will speed up your immigration to Quebec. You can register for the program on the Emploi Quebec website.

You can also check the "Défi Montréal" which is defined as a strategy of actions aiming to integrate economically newcomers. This program offers an online directory and presented over 300 initiatives related to the labour market in Montreal.

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