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Working in Riyadh may guarantee the draw of liberal and 100% tax-exempt wages for very much qualified expat representatives. Before you jump onto the plane to Riyadh, however, you ought to acquaint yourself with the local economy and the working conditions. 

The Saudi economy

While living and working in Riyadh, you will contribute to Saudi Arabia's flourishing economy which is the most significant in the Gulf Region. The average rate of the total national output in Saudi Arabia was at 4.91% between 1969 and 2015. Starting from July 2016, the GDP growth rate is around 3.6%, making the Saudi economy 13th in the world. Even though Syrian conflicts are currently affecting Saudi Arabia, up to now, there has been no significant impact on the local economy.

Before moving to Riyadh, you will realize that the nation mainly owes its flourishing economy to the oil industry. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is presently one of the leaders of the OPEC thanks to its huge reserves! The petrochemical industry represents 45% of the GDP, 80% of the state's planned incomes, and 90% of the profit.

The oil industry in Saudi Arabia is managed by the government. Saudi Aramco, which used to be an American oil organization, was nationalized in the 1970s. Today, it is considered as one of the leading oil organisations worldwide.
In Riyadh, however, you're not likely to work in the oil industry. Home to a wide range of government agencies and other organisations, Riyadh is full of opportunities for foreign professionals in a range of fields. Most of the Saudi employees in Riyadh's work in the services sector and other government organisations. What about expat employees?

Most of them work in strategic missions and invest their off-energy in a compound. The Diplomatic Quarter, or "DQ", is home to a lot of remote government offices and social foundations. Besides receiving generous wages, foreign employees also have a contract including a lot of benefits.

The most promising fields for expats

As indicated in the article about working in Riyadh, most expats in the city work for the strategic missions and in the administration or have moved via an intra-organization exchange to a Saudi branch office. In case you are keen on finding a job on your own, there are a couple of alternatives.

You can join a foreign business affiliation situated in the Saudi capital or contact a remote business council. These organisations often agreements with businesses in Saudi Arabia and can help you find a job in the field of your choice. This can help you target a maximum of organisations from your home country or of foreign origin, especially if you don't have any local contacts yet. Also, if you're making a business trip to the Middle East, you could look into new professional opportunities. For example, Riyadh regularly hosts exchange fairs and other professional events.

However, finding a job in Riyadh can be quite challenging for female expats. Most of them are likely to be employed by worldwide schools, colleges, and medical clinics in Riyadh. Since working in the retail sector is a quite new concept in Saudi Arabia, it's not recommended for females expats to look for work in this field, especially due to Saudisation. Learn more about Saudisation in the article about Working in Saudi Arabia.

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