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Finding a job in Gothenburg is the dream of many expatriates worldwide. Find some tips to guide you through your search in this article.

As Sweden's second biggest city after Stockholm, Gothenburg attracts many expatriates who are looking forward to live and work there. Located in the heart of Scandinavia, on the West coast of the country, it has a population of 53,422 inhabitants.

Founded in 1621, Gothenburg is famous for its maritime port which is the biggest port in the North, located at the mouth of the Göta älv. Moreover, the city hosts two airports: Gothenburg Landvetter Airport and the Gothenburg City Airport.

So if you are planning to move there, you will enjoy not only quality living but also many opportunities provided by its different economic stakeholders.


Gothenburg's economy is mainly based on trade and shipping due to its location in the heart of Scandinavia. Other dynamic pillars, such as automotive construction (Volvo Cars, SKF, Ericsson, etc.), high technologies, banks and finance, events and tourism also make a significant contribution to its economy. Note that the city hosts many major Scandinavian cinema, music and sports events and festivals every year.

Thanks to the presence of its two universities, Gothenburg is known to be a student city besides being the famous cradle of the car make Volvo. It also hosts a huge sports complex.

 Good to know:

The Valdemar-Gothenburg natural gas pipeline which carries the gas found in the Northern Sea ends in Göteborg.

Find a job

You are likely to be hired in Gothenburg even if you don't speak Swedish. Indeed, the local labor market is open towards English-speaking expatriates. But in all cases, recruiters tend to prefer Swedish-speaking candidates. Hence, learning the language can be a considerable advantage.

You will probably start your job search on the Internet if you are not yet in Sweden. Feel free to browse job website and professional social networks. Why not try your luck by sending spontaneous job applications to companies operating across the city as well?

If you are already on the spot, make sure to drop by the Arbetsförmedlingen, that is the Swedish Public Employment Office, which has not less than 16 agencies in Gothenburg. You may also visit its website. Registering with local private recruitment agencies as well will help you find a job according to your profile and expectations more rapidly.

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