neighbourhoods in Seville
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Once you have decided to make the beautiful city of Seville your home, the next order of business is finding a place to live, in the right neighbourhood for you. The Andalusian capital has 11 districts which encompass more than 100 barrios or neighbourhoods. Expats live all over the city, and there is no one best neighbourhood.

Each neighbourhood in Seville has its own feel and character, and where you stay will be dependent on several factors such as proximity to your place of work, whether you want to be close to nightlife or parks for the children to play in, and your budget. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular neighbourhoods to help you decide where to base yourself.

Triana - this is known as the soul of Seville, a colourful old neighbourhood right next door to the city centre. The former gypsy quarter has been the home of many of the country's most influential bullfighters and flamenco artists. If you are looking to blend in with the locals, this is a great place to be.

Santa Cruz - this neighbourhood surrounds the central plaza on which the colossal cathedral sits. This is a busy area with narrow, cobbled streets perennially packed with tourists. It is ideal if you want to be near the main city attractions.

Los Remedios - Seville's only purpose-built residential district, an upmarket area of wide, straight streets, and blocks of modern apartments.

La Macarena - an old and traditional Seville neighbourhood with artists' communities and a bohemian vibe. This is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the city, and in recent years many of the old houses have been restored and spruced up.

The most expensive neighbourhoods in Seville

The general rule is that the closer to the centre, the more expensive the property prices. Those in the historic centre command the highest rental and property price tags, but other expensive neighbourhoods include Los Remedios, Triana, La Macarena and places in the Southern District such as La Oliva and La Juncal.

The safest neighbourhoods in Seville

Seville has a low crime rate and is generally safe both day and night. As in many cities, the safest neighbourhoods tend to be the ones with the highest property and rental prices. So, that would include La Macarena, Triana and the historic centre. The least safe neighbourhoods tend to be among the poorest such as Los Pajaritos and Poligono Sur.

Neighbourhoods for families in Seville

If you are an expat moving to Seville with children, you will most likely want somewhere quiet with good access to schools and green spaces for them to play.

Nervión lies to the east of the historic centre and is a modern, quiet residential area with plenty of services and shops including those of the Nervión Plaza Shopping Centre and excellent road and public transport connections with the rest of the city. Within its boundaries is Federico García Lorca Park, a manicured park of fountains, footpaths and a playground area for children.

Another popular choice for families is Los Remedios, considered to be one of Seville’s poshest areas. It is located south of Triana and across the Guadalquivir River from the centre. This is one of Seville's most beautiful neighbourhoods owing to its architecture, wide boulevards and the Park of the Princes.

Student neighbourhoods in Seville

Many students opt to live in Triana because it is close to the centre, rentals are slightly cheaper, and it has a buzzing nightlife. However, if you are someone who likes to go to bed early, you might find it a little noisy at night. Another popular barrio for students is Alameda, a hip haven with a relaxed atmosphere that attracts a young crowd. It is well connected to the city centre by public transport and is only 20 minutes away by foot. La Cartuja also hosts a lot of students. This neighbourhood is home to a technology park called PCT Cartuja Parque Cientifico y Tecnológico de Sevilla that houses several university departments.

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