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Rotterdam is home to the largest shipping port in the world; no doubt you’ve heard of this big and important city. It was almost completely destroyed in WWII, which means its architecture is somewhat unique to the rest of the Netherlands. Instead of finding traditional brick houses that are only a few stories high, you will discover that Rotterdam looks like a modern American city, complete with wide streets. If you want to live in Rotterdam, then keep reading to find out more.

Types of accommodation in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam, the types of accommodation include room, studio, apartment, house, and houseboat. If you’re only planning on staying a short while, or you need somewhere temporary to stay while looking for accommodation, there are also short-stay options like hostels, hotels, and Airbnbs.

To get a start, you can check Pararius and Funda.

The most popular neighbourhoods in Rotterdam

Take a look at some of the most popular neighbourhoods in Rotterdam.

The Triangle

The Triangle used to be the centre of Rotterdam. If you lead a very social life, you’ll love it here, as there are loads of bars, restaurants, clubs, and other stores. Do note that rent prices are a bit higher here because of its location.


This neighbourhood is home to the Kralingen Bos. This is a park with a lake where you can swim and sail. It’s also home to the Erasmus University, so if you’re a student, this is an ideal housing location.


This is a small island that most people overlook when looking for accommodation in Rotterdam. It’s one of the few places that weren’t bombed in WWII, so you’ll get to enjoy historical buildings here. It’s less than a five-minute bike ride away from the city centre.

South Bank

If you have money to spare and love living in luxury, then you will feel right at home in South Bank. This is a posh neighbourhood, so expect rent prices to be a bit higher. This neighbourhood is home to the highest building in the Netherlands: De Rotterdam.

Rotterdam West

Rotterdam West is very close to the city centre, so you won’t be far away from all the liveliness. Rent prices will vary in this neighbourhood; one block will be cheap, while the next one will be expensive. It’s pretty diverse, so explore it to make sure you like the area.

Rent prices in Rotterdam

Since Rotterdam is a part of the Randstad, its rent prices are about the same as the other cities. A one-bedroom apartment will cost around €1,000 a month; if you’re lucky, €900.

Keep in mind that the whole country is experiencing a housing crisis. This means that in general, it will be difficult to find housing, and when you do, it will probably be pricey.

Lease conditions and procedures in Rotterdam

When you have an interest in a living space, you will typically get in touch with the agent. You will arrange for a meeting, and if you still want to rent, you will let the agent know. If there are other candidates, they will consult with the landlord to see which tenant they would prefer.

If you’re chosen, the agent will contact you with a lease contract in Dutch and a supplementary one in English. After you sign and return the contract, the agent will meet with you to hand you the keys and show you around.

In the initial walkthrough, make sure that everything works and any existing damage is documented. That way, you won’t be charged for it when you move out. During this time, the agent will also show you where communal things are, such as the laundry room or bike shed.

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