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Utrecht is growing at a faster clip than Amsterdam or Rotterdam. The city has made a point of encouraging companies to move there, which is beneficial for expats looking for a job in Utrecht. There are also services readily available to help internationals settle in as smoothly as possible. The city does not face the same space constraints as Amsterdam and Rotterdam do, so it has room to expand.

Strongest Sectors

Healthcare is the biggest employer in Utrecht; as the Utrecht University Medical Center is one of the largest in the Netherlands. Utrecht is also home to the only veterinary school in the Netherlands. Utrecht University also employs numerous people in research, education, and tourism, and the Science Park is home to approximately sixty cutting-edge biomedical companies.

In business, the strongest sectors are for financial and business services, especially in the fields of
information and communication technology. Utrecht is also home to several gaming companies.

The convention center in Utrecht is one of the largest in the country, drawing numerous trade
conventions, shows, and other events; thanks to its central location Utrecht is within a reasonable
distance to everywhere and making the journey is not too arduous or expensive.

Utrecht is also home to much of the infrastructure that is in the Netherlands; the rail systems, canals, and roads. Without these, the country would quickly come to a standstill. Numerous projects are continuously ongoing to improve the flow of traffic and make it easier than ever to get around.

Finding work in Utrecht

As in most Dutch cities, there are numerous job agencies you can contact in Utrecht to help you find a job. Utrecht does not have as many multinational companies as Amsterdam, though, so while speaking Dutch may not be a formal requirement, it will certainly help you get in the door.

In Utrecht, you will have to be especially proactive when it comes to networking. Because it is only
about half as big as Amsterdam, there aren’t as many events where people can connect with each
other. The good news is that the Dutch are friendly and willing to meet people for drinks and coffee,
though you may have to schedule things in advance.

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