Things to do in Milan
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The real magic of Milan is that the city is perfectly adaptable to the individual needs of its inhabitants. So, it is a personal choice to be alone, with few friends, or in a great crowd. One thing is for sure: it can never get boring.

This crowded city gives the impression that loneliness is not an option. And rightfully so, there is an unlimited amount of opportunities for meeting people. More than this, it is possible to find like-minded people that listen to the same music, do similar activities, or appreciate the same art. This is fairly easy, but there are too some hidden events that only those who really know the city can find. These events give a glance to talents, who instead of getting famous, sacrifice their ideas for the sake of art.

Things to do alone

As being alone means doing everything that one pleases the most, there is never room for panic in Milan. A lonely newcomer standing in Piazza Duomo has unlimited options around. One scenario would be to go around Piazza San Babila, the mall La Rinascente, or to Montenapoleone for shopping. Another idea is to learn something more about the Italian culture and the art pieces available. A perfect opportunity for this is visiting the surrounding museums. Il Museo del Novecento (a museum of the twentieth century) offers around 400 works from some of the best Italian and world-famous painters like Braque, Kandinsky, Klee, Léger, Matisse, Mondrian, Picasso, and Umberto Boccioni. Right next to it is the museum Palazzo Reale that offers seasonal exhibitions to some of the best Italian and world painters.

For the more spiritual, an interesting option is to visit some of the historic churches in the city that not only offer a peaceful atmosphere but have a historical and cultural significance. Other than the famous Duomo, some of the most famous churches are Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio, Santa Maria presso San Satiro, San Lorenzo Maggiore, Sant’Eustorgio, San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore and San Cristoforo sul Naviglio. Another option is to visit the church Santa Maria delle Grazie, which offers the unique opportunity to see the Cenacolo (The Last Supper).

For those who feel lonely, there are plenty of groups to join to meet likeminded people. There are some tandem language exchange groups available on social media, which might be of help with finding places and people to go out with. There are also many international groups for doing sports, such as beach volley and outdoor activities.

Things to do with your family

Weekends are the best moments to spend time with the family. Milan offers many activities that can be great fun for all the members, no matter their age. Il Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci is a large technical-scientific museum that offers fun for those who are 6 to those who are 66. The museum contains some of the models drawn by Leonardo da Vinci, steam locomotives, fighter jets, and a submarine. Il Museo della Technologia offers many interactive laboratories, with fun learning opportunities for the youngest ones.

Another great option is to visit the Castello Sforzesco, located in Parco Sempione. The castle also hosts exhibitions and offers the possibility to learn about the culture of the ancient history of Milan through various sections, all with a single ticket (3 euros for adults, and free for children under 18). Very close to the Castello Sforzesco, rises the fantastic Triennale di Milano, an institution for design architecture, decorative and visual arts. It can be fun both for children and adults.

You can also visit the Museo di Storia Naturale and the Planetarium, both located in the park Giardini Pubblici di Porta Venezia. All of the museums are free for children and cost around 3 euros for adults.

Things to do with friends

Seeing Milan with friends adds a new dimension to its beauty. There are many options for activities and gathering. For nightlife, other than the famous aperitivo, the city offers many night clubs like Gattopardo, Alcatraz, New Fashion, Amnesia and Rocket. Another interesting option is the Circolo Archi, which consists of many smaller clubs in different neighbourhoods, and a nightclub by the name Magnolia. These places require an association card, which allows cheap passes for a year.

For the romantic souls

The most curious couples in Milan search for the hidden corners of the city, where some of the oldest and most elegant buildings can hide their kisses.

From Piazza Belgioioso to via Gesù, from via Luini to via Manzoni and up to via Terragio, Milan hides small masterpieces of art, history and romance that are waiting to be explored. Another good option for an intimate time is to visit The Smallest Bar in the World (a bar that has space only for two tables) and is located in Navigli.

Finally, one of the most famous places to fall in love is the rooftop of Duomo. This view will show the fantastic purple-orange colours of the Milanese sunset, that in combination with the Madonnina, are impossible to be indifferent to.

What one does alone or with the close ones is a personal choice. Milan does offer more than any city and has options for every interest. It is only up to the wanderers to seek for opportunities. In its playful environment, ideas come in every angle, especially in the least expected places.

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