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Rome is a famous destination for many international students from around the world. Its beautiful setting, culture, history and gastronomy make it one of the most attractive cities in the entire world. There are several prestigious universities in Rome including some which are globally recognised.

 Good to know:

To enrol at an Italian university, it is advised to start the process nine months before the beginning of the semester, that is in January/February period. An Italian test is also required, usually written between February and May.

La Sapienza, the historic university of Rome

Founded in 1303, La Sapienza is one of the world's oldest universities and is the best university in Italy. This Roman institution is made up of ten faculties and two higher education schools:

  • Faculty of architecture,
  • Faculty of economics,
  • Faculty of pharmacy and medicine,
  • Faculty of philosophy, social sciences and oriental studies,
  • Faculty of civil and industrial engineering,
  • Faculty of medicine and odontology,
  • Faculty of medicine and psychology,
  • Faculty of political science, sociology and communication,
  • Faculty of mathematics, physics and natural sciences,
  • School of aerospatial engineering,
  • School of archives and librarians

Almost all students are foreigners at La Sapienza where its biggest campus is in the area of San Lorenzo. The campus is spread out throughout the city of Rome but most specifically in Latium up to Latina. Erasmus students are allowed to study there for a year.

Other public universities in Rome

Apart from La Sapienza, Rome is rich in faculties and schools where education is of excellent quality.

University Tor Vergata, or Rome II

Founded in 1972, Tor Vergata is well-known for its quality education in the departments of economics, medicine and engineering. Tor Vergata was built to address the high demands of La Sapienza.

University of Rome III

The third university of Rome was founded in 1992 where students attend lectures in the faculty of architecture, economics, education, engineering, social sciences, law, mathematics as well as natural and political sciences.

La Foro Italico

This fourth university, also known as Rome IV, constitutes of the higher physical education institute and the university institute of motor sciences. Students wishing to specialise in sports and body movements can pursue their studies there.

The Bio-Medico Campus

Finally, this university specialises in bio-medical sciences and was founded, similarly to Foro Italico, in 1993. The medicine faculty provides a license in medicine in six years, one of nurse and dietician in three years and a biomedical engineering license in five years. These licenses are recognised in Italy and worldwide.

Universities and High schools of Rome

Students wishing to study in private institutions can reach out to those universities and institutions in Rome, namely la Facolta di Economia which is part of the Luiss Cuido Carli (Libera Università degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli). This autonomous university consists of two faculties, namely law and political sciences. It is well known for its highly selective entrance examination and easy access to the job market post-studies since it is mostly focused on real-world work experience than academia.

The National Academy of Drama Arts, the higher institute for the artistic industries focuses on the art while prestigious Academia del Lusso and Accademia Costume e Moda teach fashion.

Finally, the American University of Rome John Cabot produces American high school certificates and higher teaching diplomas such as international relations, economics, marketing, history, sciences and philosophy, based on the American education system.

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