Labour market in Paris
Updated 3 weeks ago

Paris is a vibrant, multicultural city that more than 2.2 million people call home. Architecturally rich, culturally diverse and endlessly dynamic, the City of Lights is also home to an enormous array of international, European and, of course, French companies. So if you are looking to move to a city with options, Paris will not disappoint.

The local economy

Paris generates about 30% of the GDP of France and is mostly based on the service and commercial sector, with many of France’s leading companies headquartered in Paris. The major drivers of the local economy are banking and insurance, energy, food, luxury, technology, media, telecoms, entertainment and transportation. As one would expect, tourism also constitutes an essential element of the economy, with almost 77% of businesses engaged in services and commerce. More recently, startups have mushroomed in the city, making for a vibrant and energetic landscape for new businesses and innovation.

Employment in Paris

Despite being France’s cultural and financial powerhouse, unemployment in Paris and the Parisian suburbs is relatively high, especially among the youth. Expats are mostly in demand in highly skilled occupations, including as executives, specialised consultants, finance professionals, project managers, technical experts and R&D specialists. Areas which are particularly attractive for those looking for jobs in Paris include:

Finance, banking and insurance professionals and experts
Scientific and technical services
Mass retail and luxury products
Information Technology
Big data and data management experts

Finding a job in Paris

There are a range of services available for you if you are looking to work in Paris. Firstly, job vacancy websites allow you to customise your searches to Paris and constitute an excellent preliminary review of job opportunities. If you are looking for more specific jobs or work in a niche, you can get in touch with one of the many headhunters which operate within Paris. Headhunters are an excellent way of initiating contact since Paris operates quite extensively through networks, and these networks are challenging to decipher for newcomers. You can also use websites dedicated to English-speaking professionals. If you are in Paris or can travel to the city, you should also strive to attend the professional conferences or the professional networking events held regularly in the city. In general, these events are an excellent way of initiating contact.

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