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Located in the South of France, Nice is one of the major and most popular French municipalities. Famous for its sunny beaches, it is a major holiday destination in the country. But for those who have decided to live in Nice, you will not be disappointed as it offers much more than sun and sea. Indeed, you are likely to draw from a wide range of leisure activities both within the city and in its close proximity.

A first stop along the way could be the Nice Tourism Office, at 5, Promenade des Anglais, to collect a few brochures, but the inhabitants of the city are friendly and laid back so do not hesitate to ask around if you need more specific information on what is going on in the city.

While you are in Nice…

Nice hosts no less than 14 museums and 4 galleries where you will able to learn more about its great historical and cultural heritage. Some of the most famous museums include the Natural History Museum of Nice, the Villa Massena - an impressive edifice on the Promenade des Anglais, and the Museum of Modern Art at the Acropolis, to name a few. The city offers ticket bundles, including a 24 hour individual ticket, which provides access to all municipal museums and galleries for only 10 euros. Longer term tickets are also available at very affordable prices.

Nice is also home to exquisite churches and cathedrals, including the Cathédrale Sainte Réparate and the Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption. Palaces are also an important element to the architectural richness of Nice, and a stroll in the municipality will give you a sense of its great history. In other words, the architecture is truly stunning. Nice also hosts a total of 27 cultural venues where you can relax and enjoy your afternoon or weekend. In winter, the French Riviera is in festive mode, as the world famous Nice Carnival comes to life. It is held in February and parades are held both during the day and at night. During the carnival, Promenade des Anglais becomes the stage for flower battles. The carnival is a wonderful event and a must-do while you are in Nice.

Like most major French cities, Nice also hosts many folk markets besides its fruits and vegetables markets. You will also find a nightly craft market and a flea market where you can enjoy good deals. Find more information in the “Useful links” below.

Nature in Nice

Even though it is a modern city, Nice has managed to preserve its immense natural wealth over the years. Indeed, Nice has been labeled as 'the four flowers' since 1975 thanks to its lush green beauty. Sumptuously adorned with flowers and clumps, Nice hosts many gardens, parks, natural parks, forest parks, as well as trails which will give you another glimpse of urban life. The Parc du Mont Boron is stunning, especially in the summer, and offers excellent views of Nice’s waterfront. It is a good spot for those willing to run or trek in a calm and quiet environment.

Nice is also synonymous with beaches. The municipality is home to sixteen stunning beaches which are almost an essential part of the local lifestyle, and this especially due to the French Riviera’s is year-long sunshine. The beach can also be a good way of mingling with the locals.


Nice hosts not less than 7,000 shops, especially in the city-centre's tourist areas. You will be able to discover the local expertise, especially thanks to several specialised traditional and craft shops.


Like most French cities, Nice also offers a range of sports and fitness activities to its inhabitants. The sports infrastructure is very well developed and includes a variety of sports complexes, skate parks, and roller parks. There are eight public swimming pools which offer very cheap access to high quality services, as well as a range of group sessions in the many parks of the city.

Finally, Nice welcomes its fair share of major sporting events including the international half marathon of Nice, the Paris – Nice bicycle race, and the Extreme Sailing Series. For those who have never sailed or been to a sailing event, the Extreme Sailing Series constitutes a great introduction to the sports. During the event, Extreme 40 sailing vessels race close to the shores in highly technical duels and offer breathtaking scenes.

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