Gastronomy in Copenhagen
Updated 11 months ago

Denmark's food scene has its own flavour and spice. Take some time out to explore the local cuisine, including street food, budget eats, and high-end dining options.  

Local cuisine in Copenhagen

Although Copenhagen is rife with international eateries, trying the local cuisine is a bucket list experience. Here are some local favourites to look out for:
Pølse: As explained in our article about local culture in Copenhagen , the humble sausage is practically a staple food in Denmark.
Smørrebrød: This traditional bite's literal translation of 'butter bread' does it little justice. Today, these open-faced sandwiches come with every topping from meat to vegetables.
Frikadeller: Forget the neighbours' meatballs. Frikadeller are the equally tasty Danish equivalent served all over the city.
Seafood: Being a port city, Copenhagen has a wide variety of high-quality seafood. Try a slice of pickled herring or smoked salmon on your smørrebrød to fit in with the locals.
Grød: The porridge served in Copenhagen is not too big, not too small, and not just right; it's perfect. The popular porridge bar GRÃD has four chains in Copenhagen alone where you can eat porridge like you have never tasted before. The locals love it, and after just one bite, we're sure the expats will understand why.

Favourite spots in Copenhagen

It is hard to choose when you have such a wide range of restaurants, bars, and cafés. As an expat, it is great to know about a few hidden gems where you can unwind.

Sabotøren is a crowded little wine bar, and while nobody loves a crowd, it is a good indication of just how popular this spot is. Go early to grab a table (they can't be booked in advance) and enjoy the reasonably priced imported wine.

A cosy café along the canal is another excellent choice for a relaxed night out in Copenhagen. Kanal Cafeen is an old-time favourite with great smørrebrød options. If the place is crowded, pop into any of the other places along the canal as they all have something good to offer.

For a genuinely Scandinavian dining experience, try Høst. It's on the pricier side, but the food is unique, and the interior is impeccably stylish ' in fact, the restaurant has won several design awards for its Danish mid-century design.

Gro Spiseri offers a sensational dining experience on a green rooftop with family-style sharing plates, right in the heart of the busy city. The menu changes seasonally to reflect the availability of fresh produce.

Street food and food markets in Copenhagen

Despite Copenhagen's high living costs, it is possible to find budget eats throughout the city. For example, the creative street food market Reffen has more than 50 food stalls offering every type of food imaginable. Open from May until the end of September, Reffen is a must for locals and tourists alike.

Boltens Food Market is the newcomer on the scene. Housed in a charming historic building that has been fixed up to fit its family-friendly style, the food market is ideal for young and old visitors alike. There are more than 17 food stalls with everything from Danish comfort food to modern-day favourites (pizza, anyone?) and if you are not hungry, swing by to appreciate the amazing views over historic Copenhagen.

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