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Like in any other big city, you will find various types of rental options in and surrounding the centre of Vienna. Since finding accommodation will be one of your priorities when relocating to Vienna, here is an insight into the local rental market.

Vienna's rental market

Most of the apartments in Vienna are within a communally owned house, which means that almost every flat has a different owner and is probably rented out privately or through a real estate agency.

You can choose between those beautiful flats in historical buildings with their wooden parquet floors and high ceilings, that will make your living room look even brighter and bigger than it already is, or modern apartments that have been built after the 50s.

The prices have increased over the last few years, just like in any other European city, but you can still find reasonable rents depending on the location and the district. The most expensive flats are within the first, the fourth, the sixth, the seventh, the eighth and the ninth district, which also counts as the most central ones.

Flatsharing in Vienna

One thing that is very common amongst younger people is sharing a flat. Not only is sharing a flat going to decrease the amount you will have to pay every single month, but it will also give you a chance to meet people when you are new to Vienna.

Flatmates should be chosen wisely, though, as you are going to be sharing a lot of time and your privacy with them. Usually, you have to undergo a certain informal application process, where one of the possible future flatmates, maybe even all of them are going to ask you about yourself, your job and so on, to find out if you could be a match.

If you prefer having your solitude over socialising, this might not be the right choice for you, and you will be better off with finding a cosy place just for yourself.

Start your accommodation search on websites like Willhaben, Schwarzes Brett, der Standard, and even Facebook groups.

Renting conditions in Vienna

Contracts for flats in Vienna will most likely be limited (befristeter Mietvertrag) to a period of 3 years, which means that you will get the chance to renew the contract or you have to move out, these are called fixed-term lease. In most cases, it is not a problem to renew the lease.

The other option is signing a lease without any limitation, that will give you unlimited tenancy (unbefristeter Mietvertrag), unless there is a significant breach of contract from your side.

One thing that is very good to know if you think about subletting parts of your flat, is that there is a huge difference for you as a tenant if you are living in one of these historic buildings that have been built before July 1st, 1953, because the tenancy law (MRG) is fully applicable. This means that even though your tenancy agreement would not allow you to sublet to any other person, you can still do it if you are not making any profit nor exceeding the maximum capacity of people for that flat.

This is not the case if you live in a newer building, that has been built after this date mentioned above because only parts of the MRG are applicable.

Rent prices in Vienna

Renting prices in Vienna depend on what part of town you are staying in, but expect to pay at least 800 € per month for a single-bedroom flat if you want to live in the city centre. Sometimes, you get lucky and find a studio for around 450-500 €, but this is very hard. A 2-bedroom flat is going to cost you at least 1,000 € and most of the time electricity, gas and internet are not included within this price.

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