Trip to Tambobo Bay

Updated 2014-03-28 07:06

Tambobo Bay is located on the south end of Negros Island in a quiet and scenic harbour. The place is still not very popular with travellers as it is not so easy to reach. There are several ways to get there:

1) By car or bike is the easiest. Head south using a National Highway and after you pass Zamboangita follow a road going slightly to the left. After you pass a field there'll be a bus stop on the left where you should make a left turn. This road will take you exactly to the bay and to the nearest small village. No turns so no chances to get lost.

2) By bus. Take a Ceres Liner bus from Dumaguete bus terminal located beside Robinson's mall. Ask the driver to make a stop on "Tambobo crossing" (the place is described above). From there you can take a habal-habal bike or walk but the distance is about 7 km so prepare some water and protect your head from the sun. The one-way trip by bus will cost you about 200 peso per person.

3) Negotiate with any Tambobo resorts about transfer especially if you're travelling in a group of people and plan to stay for the night there. Can't mention any rates but possibly in case you'll share expenses this option would not be so expensive.

The main advantage of Tambobo Bay is it's wonderful view. To me this is real Philippines, not Manila or Cebu, oh, no! Almost white sand and water absolutely clear, good for snorkelling! Normally it's not as hot as in Dumaguete there - almost always a nice cool breeze comes from the sea.

Speaking about entertainment, swimming, diving, snorkelling, boat trips across the harbour (ask any locals for Haidie's boat) , walking over the beach and other pleasures. There are several nice resorts located there. One on this side of the bay, just head to the right and you'll see a sign soon. Others are not so easy to reach - you'll need a boat or a reliable jeep. Good food and drinks, cheap cottages for rent, but often fully booked!

People of Tambobo Bay are the nicest. Friendly and open, always there to help. So to me and my friends Tambobo has become a must - visit this year.

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