Sports in Jakarta
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Staying active is an essential key to having a healthy lifestyle. Whether you're a sports enthusiast or just someone looking to get fit, Jakarta offers a wide range of activities for you. You can find various fitness centres and sports clubs scattered around the city, catering to all budgets and lifestyles.

Running and jogging in Jakarta

Running and jogging are the favourite sports for most people in Jakarta. But, it's actually not recommended to run on the sidewalks in Jakarta. This is because food hawkers and parked vehicles often crowd the sidewalks. Moreover, some motorcycle riders will get on the sidewalks if the traffic gets too bad. Unless you plan on running very early in the morning, jogging on Jakarta streets can get annoying and even dangerous.

While Jakarta isn't famous for being friendly towards joggers, people can still find some beautiful jogging tracks throughout the city. If you live in a gated community, count yourself lucky. Your housing complex could be a nice place for jogging and running in the morning and evening.

However, if you don't live in a gated community or apartment complex with lots of space, don't worry. You can still visit numerous parks throughout the city to exercise. These include Monas Park, Menteng Park, Suropati Park, Ayodya Park, and Cattleya Park. Lapangan Banteng Park, located in Central Jakarta, also has proper running tracks for you to exercise.

Gyms in Jakarta

Gyms are always the best choice for everyone who loves to exercise. A gym membership will not only grant you access to a wide variety of exercise equipment, but you will also be able to attend different fitness classes with professional trainers. In Jakarta, you can find gyms just about anywhere; hotel, apartment, and mall, you name it! You will even be able to find large gym chains which are famous around the world, such as Celebrity Fitness, Gold's Gym and Fitness First.

A basic gym membership will cost anywhere from IDR 400,000 to IDR 750,000 ($27 to $50) per month. You can also get a personal trainer to help you during your workout sessions. Getting a personal trainer will set you back around IDR 1 million ($70) for every five sessions.

Fitness studio in Jakarta

Similarly, fitness studios will also help you stay fit and active. In Jakarta, you can find fitness studios that are focused on just one specific sport as well as those which offer different classes. From yoga and pilates to zumba and kickboxing, there's definitely something for everyone.

A monthly membership may cost anywhere from IDR 300,000 to IDR 750,000 ($25 to $50). Alternatively, if you are just starting out, some studios allow you to pay per session. A fitness class session can cost anywhere from IDR 50,000 to IDR 150,000 ($5 to $10).

Sports clubs in Jakarta

Want more facilities to work out with? Then you should consider joining a sports club. The facilities they offer vary from one sports club to another, so make sure to ask for a tour around the whole complex before getting a membership. But generally, most sports clubs in Jakarta have tennis courts, indoor fitness centres, swimming pools, futsal courts, running tracks, badminton courts, and basketball courts. Sports clubs are perfect for expats who like to stay fit and have an interest in many different sports.

Sports club memberships are generally more costly than gym memberships. A sports club membership may cost anywhere around IDR 600,000 to IDR 1,500,000 ($ 40 to $110) per month, depending on the facilities and perks they are offering. Also, clubs usually offer exclusive deals and discounts, especially for families. So, don't forget to ask about what deals they have at the moment.

Golf in Jakarta

In Indonesia, golf is considered a sport for the wealthy and affluent. So, golfing is more than just a simple game in Jakarta. Locals and expats alike tend to go golfing to conduct business meetings and build business relationships. With such a sense of importance placed on the sport, it comes as no surprise that Jakarta has a lot of world-class golf courses scattered throughout the city.

Whether you're a golf enthusiast or just playing for business, a lot of golf adventures awaits you in Jakarta. Golf courses in Jakarta cater to every player, from beginners to seasoned professionals. You can either get an annual membership at your favourite golf course or pay as you play. Most annual memberships cost anywhere from IDR 15 million to IDR 45 million ($1,000 to $3,000) while paying for a single game costs around IDR 150,000 to IDR 500,000 ($10 to $35) excluding caddies and other additional fees.

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