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By choosing to work in Sousse, you should be aware of its labor market's condition and requirements. Here is an overview.

Located at the crossroads of civilizations, Sousse is nicknamed “Pearl of the Sahel” by its admirers. One of the major Tunisian cities, Sousse is a dynamic regional metropolis in perpetual expansion. It it known to be the country's third economic and cultural center with a population of 674,971 inhabitants over its 45 km².

Thanks to its strategic position and the numerous opportunities it provides, Sousse has been attracting expatriates from across the world over the years. Therefore, finding a job there should not be a difficult task provided you have the right profile.


Sousse has nothing to envy to other major Tunisian cities thanks to its developed economy. Industry remains the main economic pillar as specified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In fact, the city hosts not less than 554 manufacturing industries, among which 325 are fully turned to exports. These are mainly involved in the textile, clothing, leather and shoes sectors.

The local economy also greatly relies on agriculture through two types of production: olives and fruits and vegetables. Fisheries and organic agriculture are also taken into account.

As regards tourism, Sousse has much to teach to others. Indeed, since the 60s, various events, festivals, archeological sites, museums, souks, ports, etc, have been attracting foreigners by providing a folk and relaxed environment. The city hosts many places of interest as well as annual events which are world famous.

Sousse also has a wide transport networks, located less than 20 km from the Skanes Monastir Habib Bourguiba International Airport and 40 km away from the Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport. The maritime route is facilitated by the port of Sousse while the rail system is served by three lines, including a light railway line.

On the other hand, Sousse is Tunisia's third higher education center. Every year, some 80,000 graduate for Tunisian universities with many of them having studied in Sousse.

Being one of the country's most dynamic sectors, the craft industry also makes a significant contribution to the local economy thanks to embroidery, weaving, pottery which are exported to the rest of the world.

Promising fields

As you might have understood by now, Sousse has a dynamic economy, although its labor market comprises more job seekers than offers. However, the following are deemed to be the most promising fields in terms of employment: industry, tourism, transports and higher education.

You should therefore try, as far as possible, to find a job in your field of expertise. Why not try your luck with companies operating across the city?

Find a job

Job offers in Sousse are rarely advertised on the Internet and in newspapers, but this does not been that there is a scarcity of jobs in the city. You will probably learn about these via word of mouth which is a common practice in Tunisia. So if you are looking for a job in Sousse, feel free to spread the word among your friends or contacts on the spot. You could as well send them your resume so that they can put you in touch with employers.

If interested by your profile, employers may request for a first phone or Skype Interview. In fact, international companies often proceed in this way to hire high profile candidates.

You could also consider making a first trip to Tunisia with a list of potential employers in hand. Once you are on the spot, feel free to drop by and seek an appointment with the director or manager.

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