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Permanent Residence Permit

If you have lived in Mauritius under the status of Retired Non-Citizen for three years, you are qualified to apply for the Permanent Residence Permit which will be valid for ten years. This also applies to your dependents. The status of 'Retired' does not follow the European norms regarding age requirements. For example, someone receiving an annuity and who is over the age of 50 may apply for retirement status in Mauritius. The minimum monetary transfer must be USD 40,000 or more annually.

Otherwise, others who may qualify for a Permanent Residence Permit are foreign investors, self-employed individuals, or foreign professionals.


The Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) is granted according to BOI's requirements.

Retired Non-Citizen

To be eligible for the PRP, a foreign pensioner must have:

Foreign Investor

To be eligible for the PRP, a foreign investor must have:


Foreign Professional

To be eligible for the PRP, the non-Mauritian professional must:

Self-Employed Non-Citizen

To be eligible for the PRP, the self-employed individual must:

Good to know:

Dependents such as children under the age of 24 and the spouse of the Residence Permit holder will also receive the resident status, valid for ten years. An unmarried partner will obtain a Residence Permit for one year, and this is renewable every year. The RPR is renewable after ten years in Mauritius as long as the conditions mentioned above for each category are met.

For the renewal, you will need:

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