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GIS for Monitoring and Evaluation Course

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Mon 15 November 2021
- Hosted by upskill
GIS for Monitoring and Evaluation Course
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Mon 15 November 2021 09:00 - Fri 19 November 2021 16:00
Meridian Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

GIS is a computer system capable of assembling, storing, manipulating and displaying geographically referenced information, i.e. data identified according to their locations. This training will present a practical guide for using a geographic information system (GIS) integrated with Monitoring and Evaluation.

The five days training is aimed at helping development partners to monitor and evaluate the activities of specific projects intended to support M&E systems for sustainable programs and projects. The use of GIS in monitoring and Evaluation improves the effectiveness and communications of results to management, funding partners, and beneficiaries.

The integration of GIS in monitoring and Evaluation makes it possible to link, or integrate information that is difficult to associate through any other means. With GIS M&E/Researchers are able to use combinations of mapped variables to build and analyze new variables. Presenting data in the form of a map helps to understand the significance of where, when, and by whom. By using the GIS to link data from multiple programs the training will make it possible to understand the individual programs better but also better understand the relationship between the programs. Spatial analysis techniques will also help with driving outcomes measures.


The course is designed for representatives from government, project teams, NGOs, multi and bilateral development organizations, consultancies, etc, that are typically employed as project managers and directors, M&E specialists, technical specialists, and researchers.


5 days


The training will enable participants to;

Understand Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Systems
Understand key concepts in M&E and GIS
Learn how to developing an M&E-GIS System
Learn about the working of M&E information management systems
Learn how to collect data using mobile phones and GPS
Learn how to integrate existing M&E data with GIS
Learn how to analyze and visualize M&E data with the aid of GIS techniques
Learn how to integrate GIS into M&E activities


Section one: An Overview of GIS and Monitoring and Evaluation

Introduction to M&E
Key components of M&E
Basic GIS Concepts
GIS Software; the General Overview
Open Source GIS Software

Section 2: New technologies being adopted in project M&E

Mobile phones in M&E
GPS devices and M&E
Participatory videos for M&E
Supporting bottom-up learning
Making real-time M&E a reality through ICT
Examples of M&E systems incorporating GIS

Section 3: The GIS Interface

The QGIS Interface
Adding Vector Data
Exploring the Map View
Exploring Features
Adding Raster Data
Saving Your Project

Section 4: Geographic Analysis of M&E data

Creating New Project from Existing One
Geoprocessing Shapefiles
Joining and Mapping Attribute Data
Plotting Coordinate Data
Running Statistics and Querying Attributes
Drawing Buffers and Making Selections
Screen Captures

Section 5: Thematic Mapping of M&E data

Transforming Map Projections
More Geoprocessing
Creating Calculated Fields
Classifying and Symbolizing Data
Designing Maps
Adding Labels

Training Approach

This course will be delivered by our skilled trainers who have vast knowledge and experience as expert professionals in the fields. The course is taught in English and through a mix of theory, practical activities, group discussion and case studies. Course manuals and additional training materials will be provided to the participants upon completion of the training.

Tailor-Made Course

This course can also be tailor-made to meet organization requirement. For further inquiries, please contact us on: Email: [email protected] Tel: 254 721 331 808

Training Venue

The training will be held at our Upskill Training Centre. We also offer training for a group (at a discount of 10% to 50%) at requested location all over the world. The course fee covers the course tuition, training materials, two break refreshments, and buffet lunch.

Visa application, travel expenses, airport transfers, dinners, accommodation, insurance, and other personal expenses are catered by the participant


Participants will be issued with Upskill certificate upon completion of this course.
Upskill Development Institute
Daniel Ndung'u
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