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Travel, Photography & Life in Chile by a Londoner

Welsh Boy Meets Chile

The story of me, a 20 year-old Welsh boy and the year of my life which took me to Chile. I share my knowledge of Chile, tips for travelling and the wealth of incredible stories you can come away with having spent time in this magical country on the edge of the world.

Jet Lagged Jess

I am a 20-something year old New Zealander who has recently moved to Santiago Chile. My blog shares my experiences and pictures of travel.

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She's Back In Chile

What happens when an American falls in love with a Chilean while studying abroad, gets married two years later and moves back to Chile? I'm finding out!

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Andre in Chile

A guy in the early 30ies who moved to Santiago to be with the Love of his life..

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Don't Call Me Gringa!

20-something life in Santiago de Chile.

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Santiago Tourist

The Guide To What's Off-Beat and Happening in Santiago, Chile. Here you'll find information that most English speaking travelers don't usually have access to, including alternative sights of interest and events in town.

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January's expat blog: How to traveller

How to traveller is about the life of David, an Irish expat blogger who moved to Spain looking for new pastures. A job opportunity drove him from Malta to Costa del Sol after spending some time in Czechia and Malaysia. To those who are looking to travel or move to Spain, he speaks about his experiences and gives out some tips.