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The Expater

A lifestyle blog for expats. Parenting, beauty, luxury travel, relationships and all things expat lifestyle related.

Our Chilean Adventure

A North American expat family homesteading in the south of Chile

Chile Living Today

Chile Living Today is about what it is like to really live life as Chileans do, and not as an expat living within an expat community. We live, work, travel and play as part of the greater Chilean society. Our travel covers everything from Arica in the north to Chiloe in the south, from the 4000+ miles of Pacific coastline to the interior of the Andes Mountains. Chile has an old and amazing culture, and readers have the opportunity to explore and feel the flavors of Chilean life without having to leave the comforts of home... although visitors are always welcome to Chilean shores!

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Travel, Photography & Life in Chile by a Londoner

Welsh Boy Meets Chile

The story of me, a 20 year-old Welsh boy and the year of my life which took me to Chile. I share my knowledge of Chile, tips for travelling and the wealth of incredible stories you can come away with having spent time in this magical country on the edge of the world.

Mi vida palta

Polish girl living in Chile with Chilean family and now with Chilean fiancé. Simple diary made by Polish girl living in avocado capital of Chile describing living in Chile, with Chilean family, adjusting to the every-day life, culture, language and differences


A blog about a teenage girl from the USA living in Chile with her family and trying to make familiar foods for them.

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Jet Lagged Jess

I am a 20-something year old New Zealander who has recently moved to Santiago Chile. My blog shares my experiences and pictures of travel.

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One of these gringas is not like the others.

I am not a travel blogger. I will not provide you with research. Definitely not a trophy parent. I will post whatever life has to offer me.

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She's Back In Chile

What happens when an American falls in love with a Chilean while studying abroad, gets married two years later and moves back to Chile? I'm finding out!

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Bay Essence

Travel, Food, Culture, Expat Life and Adventures | American-Chilean couple | HQ: Santiago & Valparaiso. (Posts in English and Spanish)

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Gringo Green Home

My husband and I moved to the coast of Chile to buy land and build our own home here - with no electricity. Our blog is our story in Chile, past and present.

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from AZ to Chile

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Latitude 43

Living and teaching in Chilean Patagonia.

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She's Overseas

Experiences in Teaching, Living and Loving all the Places in Between

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Nate's Notions, Santiago

I am a writer who has been living abroad for the last four years. I have been making my living as an ESL instructor as I traveled in Vietnam, Japan, and Korea. I have just moved to my new home in Santiago, Chile where I will stay for about a year. The blog deals with travel and daily life in Chile.

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The Avocado Republic of Chile

American writer sick of the pollution and noise in Santiago moves to the country for peace and quiet. What he did not know is when you move to the country, you exchange one set of problems for another. Click through the arrows to read.

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Chica Tranquila

This blog is about living and working in Santiago, Chile.

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Sarah Elizabeth: Imperfect Perfectionist living in Santiago Chile

A mesh of various activities in Santiago, observations on expat life, pictures of my dog Aidan, interior decorating, technology and much more.

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  ¿Por qué Chile?

Two adults and two kids travelling through Chile? Too easy.

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Our expat blog of the month: Bermudian Life

A new business opportunity is what made Adrian, a British expat, want to move to Bermuda. Passionate about travelling and sailing, he decided to take the leap of faith with his wife and kids. Bermudian Life is his blog where he talks about his everyday life as an expat and things to see and do in Bermuda.