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Pinoy In PNG

The blog aims to show how I live my life within the beauty of Papua New Guinea and its people. I intend to write it the way I experience it.

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A family of four travel to Papua New Guinea - Port Moresby to experience the expat life.

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Fock that's Good

About Jacqueline Fock I live in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. My love of food wholesome, nutritious and sometimes naughty, has grown over the last few years, enjoying raw and cooked amalgamations make interesting meals and snacks. Every now and then I am asked about my recipes, so I thought I would create a space where I can share it openly. I am not an expert in food (who is?), but I do enjoy playing with flavours and creating exciting eats especially in this place we live, where raw ingredients are not always available. Whilst I love the comforts and gadgets of my kitchen, I certainly enjoy food that is made in other kitchens, quite often this is where my inspiration originates. I hope you enjoy this blog, as much as I have enjoyed sharing.


Adventures of first time expats from Australia

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Family from Australia living in PNG after Singapore, Sudan and South Australia. Now the South Pacific.

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British Expats in PNG

A British family's adventure on an oil palm plantation in Papua New Guinea.

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Hypatia's Agora

This blog began when I was teaching in Alexandria, Egypt and is designed to provide insight and some history on the regions where I live and travel for family and friends. I have continued posts since moving to Papua New Guinea in May 2013.

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living in madang

occasional blogger about the life in Madang

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And Then I Moved to Singapore

Like the ladies of D.C. Cupcakes, Rachael McKee left her corporate job in 2010 to follow her dreams of....well, follow her husband after he applied for a job online and then got the Singapore. A corporate breadwinner turned housewife who lunches, volunteers and acts like a tourist in her hometown, Rachael is sharing her experiences with anyone who will read.

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Mumu Mamma

part Mommy blog, part angry feminist rant. Part food blog, part personal atheist manifesto. My musings as I adopt an orphan and come to terms with living in one of the world's most misogynist societies.


We have moved our Brisbane, Australia family of 5 to Port Moresby, PNG. Feel free to follow our adventures and frustrations.

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Hot Strong Coffee

A kiwi gal living in Port Moresby

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A Goddess in the Kitchen

Middle aged feminist foodie becomes trophy wife and moves to Lae, PNG. I eat smoked fruit bat and shop at local markets.

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KiwiExpat in PNG

Photos and Life of a kiwi expat IT Manager in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Living here with wife and 3 kids - in the Land of the Unexpected...

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Sigabaduru Village

Sigabaduru is a small PNG coastal village located 3km from Saibai Island. The village has a population of approx 300 people. The villagers trade with many of the islands within the Torres Straits as they have traditional visitation rights. My experience with the people of Sigabaduru has been positive, they are hard working tough people who love to share their traditional knowledge and stories with anyone. I am proud to say I have a very strong connection with the village of Sigabaduru as my youngest daughter was born there. It has been very hard for me to find historical information in regards to the village, but my plan is to continue to add information to this blog so the villagers have a written history on the web.

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Expat of the month:Expat life in the UK between the Brexit and the pandemic

Expat life in the UK between the Brexit and the pandemic

Angelica is originally from Verbania, Italy. It's been nearly ten years since she moved to the UK, hungry for independence and new experiences. She has also spent a year in Germany for her studies before going back to the UK and is currently in the process of obtaining British citizenship. She talks to us about living in London as an expat between Brexit and the Covid pandemic.