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The Life of Pie

20-something British girl living in Sydney. I moved over in 2008 after my partner got a job offer here. I blog about what I get up to on the other side of the world...

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What's it really like to live in Australia? In November 2007, BobinOz, his wife and young daughter boarded a plane to Brisbane on a one way ticket. So what happens when you swap England for Oz?

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from oz to you

Our family is temporarily transplanted from Arcata, California to Coolum Beach, Qld

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Recycled Fashion

A fashion blog dedicated to opportunity shops, charity shops, thrift stores, vintage stores, markets, garage sales, car boot sales, online stores and auctions to find those special recycled fashion wardrobe pieces. Showcasing recycled fashion purchases, upcycled fashion, eco-style, ethical fashion, second hand shopping tours, fair trade and general fashion chat. Mainly in Melbourne, Australia, but also other places blog readers may visit in search of bargains of the thrift variety.

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From Sydney With Love

A newlywed couple, one American, one Brit, living in Sydney for the next 7 months. Join us in our adventures as transplants from NYC here in Sydney.

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Everyday Melbourne

Melbourne daily photo. It's all about everything in Melbourne

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Gone on a Lucky Country

This is the story of Joe and Mimi who have packed up their home in the bluegrass hills of Kentucky and moved to Sydney Australia.

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Hi. I'm Sandra and I'm Dutch. I've lived for the past three years in Mumbai. Since January 2010, I live in Sydney with my husband Marcel and our two kids, Sebastiaan (6 years) and Julia (4 years). I'm not sure yet what to expect. My plan is to start working again. I write this blog for my friends and family but also for people who want to experience Sydney and Australia like we do.

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A Venezuelan guy living his dreams down under.

Here you can find tips, crazy thoughts and funny stories of how I got down under and how my life is in this wonderful land known as Australia.

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Extracts Of Me

I am a crazy Scottish born Chinese gal living life in Australia. I met this Malaysian dude in Sydney and we are getting married in June 2010!! Come to my blog to read more...

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Our Slice of Heaven

My blog is about living our lives as interesting,living as simply as possible. Yep I am a greenie and a little bit of a Hippy. No Jones sindrome here! Pop over to my other blog for more for more. Can't wait to meet ya!

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A Texan in Oz

All about my life and my move from Big City, Texas to Small Town, Queensland. Where most have migrated to a cities of millions, I've moved straight into a rural mining township of less than 6000 people. Watch me as I try to salvage my interests in fashion, food and culture while gardening, bird watching and crocheting threaten to overtake.

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Between Roots and Wings

An American in Sydney, looking for adventures and building a home with my charming husband and feisty toddler.

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Discovering Melbourne

This blog is my journey as I discover my new city, join me as I find new places to visit, eat and meet people. I'll also happily share any tips I find along the way :)

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Tom and Katie Down Under

Musing from ex pat life in Melbourne!

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Le blog d'Elo en Oz

Les tribulations d'une jeune froggy dans le vaste pays austral, avec le working holiday visa en poche

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Kitchen Tales Etcetera

A mom's kitchen (mis)adventures, foodie trips, tips and cravings

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Wicked to Heaps: A Boston Girl's Journey to Australia

Blog by a girl moving from Boston in the USA to Melbourne Australia for a year.

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Australia...looking for a better future

I'm an argentinian in the process of getting the australian residency visa! Through this blog I try to write about that process and once I'm in Australia I want to write about my new expriences over there. And I also want to be helpful for those who want to start this new project!

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Busog! Sarap!

A Fil-Australian foodie addict that resides in Brisbane, QLD. The aim of Busog! Sarap! is to have some info for the newcomers and other cultures that wants to learn more about Filipino cuisine. I'll be featuring places where to buy your asian ingredients, nice cheap places to eat, markets (tiangge), Filipino recipes that are dear to my heart and how to cook it. Please drop by and have a look...and also leave a comment just to let me know if Busog! Sarap! in any sense..informed you/put a smile in your face or even made you crave for that Filipino food that you grew up with =)

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Blog of the month:The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

Chelsea has been living in London for just over a year now but she has been dreaming about this life since she was a little girl. Europe has always been Chelsea's place to be. Our American girl documents her life abroad on her blog The Portable Wife.

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