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38 Flavours

Musings of a single mother in Perth! Kids, schools, separation, relationships, finding love time here has been nothing short of life-altering and this blog is a memoir and an homage to that. Australia is the 5th country I live in, and the way things are going, I'm here to stay for good.

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Reinventing Live Down Under

My blog is about life, currently my life in Sydney, as we find our way around, learn about culture, language, and how to be an Aussie!

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Aussie by Nature

Aussie by nature is all about life in Australia from a perspective of an expat. We all come from the different backgrounds and very often things in Australia works in different ways than where we came from. The whole intention of the site is to share a knowledge and hopefully make newcomer lifes easier.

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Eat All Over the World

I am a small town girl that wants to explore the world one memory time. After I got married I was blessed with the initials EAT, so their the idea for my blog. This is all about our adventures, packing up, exploring, and learning other cultures. This blog is so people can journey with us from packing up our house, moving over seas, traveling all over Australia/Asia side of the world, furnishing our house-cheap, and making memories together. I know there will be many "REALLY?!?" and "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!" along the way, so come laugh with us on our adventure!

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my Manly Blog

my Manly Blog is a blog about Expat life on the Northern Beaches. I moved to the Northern Beaches December 2013 and decided to share my adventures, experiences and daily life challenges on this blog.

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Oz Mashup

A candid look on everything happening in and for Australia in regards of Dating, Technology, Real Estate, Jobs and any other topics of interest.

Londoner In Sydney

Welcome to my fashion & Lifestyle blog. I'm blogging about all things fashion in Sydney, new cafes & restaurants, travel from around the globe as a backpacker, reviews on everything and life as an expat living in Sydney with an emphasis on visa advice to Australia. Anyone looking for a Defacto Partner 820 Visa, read my post on it.


An Indian based in Kuwait and my journey to Australia.

Germina's Adventures

A German girls' perspective on life Down Under.

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Sydney below the Surf/ace

Welcome to Sydney below the Surf/ace. As an outsider - Only here for a year - so I want to capture those small everyday differences that make this place what it is, and see a side to the city that is more than its tourist image of sun, beach and surfing - although, of course, I will be looking at those things too.

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The Sidewalk Secrets

Swedish chica currently living and working in Sydney. Trying to escape everyday life. I blog photos, about the ocean, swell & surf, love, travels and weekend life cruising the coastline looking for waves and freedom with my favorite kiwi in our van.

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The Joy Project

I'm an English lass who moved from the UK to the USA and now to Brisbane Australia . I along with 2 beautiful friends started the Joy Project to help those who've also moved to Brisbane with loads of local info and local tips and thoughts on moving with a family in tow

hucares anyway?!!!

I used to think that the ability to drop everything is the measure of much you love someone. But it's not. Over the year's, I came to realize that the true measure of how much you want someone is not how you make him your world. Rather, it's how you weave him into yours...

Alkeks Abroad

Expat blog about a married couple living in Brisbane.

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Sweet Home Australia

Hi, we're Lauren and Ed! We're expats from St. Louis and Barcelona that now call Brisbane home. Our goal for this blog is to share our tips for travel, expat life, and everything in between!

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Il mio blog-Dall'altra parte del mondo

I am Italian, married to an Aussie, living in Melbourne. I write about my life on the other side of the world. Cultural differences, nostalgic thoughts and, sometimes, I just write about the weather!

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Laura and Peter Down Under

Originally from Minnesota, my husband and I are living in Melbourne for two years. This blog is an account of our experiences and adventures!

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Sweet Home Australia

Hi, we're Lauren and Ed! We're expats from St. Louis and Barcelona that now call Brisbane home. Our goal for this blog is to share our tips for travel, expat life, and everything in between!

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Domi & Steve in OZ

Discover the crazy adventures of this French-American expat couple living in Adelaide, South Australia

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Blog of the month:The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

Chelsea has been living in London for just over a year now but she has been dreaming about this life since she was a little girl. Europe has always been Chelsea's place to be. Our American girl documents her life abroad on her blog The Portable Wife.

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