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Anna Everywhere

Solo female travels, living and studying abroad. Expat experiences combined with short excursions.

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A European in San Francisco

From Madrid to Munich and now to San Francisco: this is me LolaMy name is Elena, this is %u201CLola%u201D (my bike) and this is my Blog: a European in San Francisco. A blog about my personal experience: living, working and discovering San Francisco from a European%u2019s perspective: My perspective. About me in short: born in Madrid, became an expat for the first time with 23 when my first job took me to Belgium. Ten years and a few countries later, I moved to Munich following my German husband. In 2011 I started blogging about the life of an expat amongst Germans. It turned out that people liked my little blog and thanks to them, it became one of the leading sites for the expat community in Munich. Go check it out if you are curious: My Adventures in Munich. Me Now that I am moving again %u201CA European in San Francisco%u201D is my new blog which I write with the intention: of discovering this exciting city and finding answers to practical questions that I have as an expat living in northern California. You need to know that I have never been to San Francisco. I have traveled intensively all my life but mostly within Europe and lately also to Australia. However I have never been to San Francisco. My only preconceived idea of the city is a mixed between the Hitchcock%u2019s thriller: Vertigo and the 90%u2032s TV serie: Charmed. The rest I will have to discover on my own and I think it%u2019s going to be fun.

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London, Can You Hear Me?

An overly-excited globetrotter by the name of Gena, hoping to get from London to California and back again in one piece.

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The Expat Loop

A journey from Australia to the USA and back

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Abundant Adventure

Experiences and observations of a South Australian living in California with some little travels on the side...

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Hungry Tourist

My blog is about travels, cultures, arts, foods, organics, sustainability, and things that I like to share to the world.

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Thoughts of an expat Canadian designer passionate about photography. Blogging in English + French.

Hello and thanks for stopping by! I’m Melanie, a French-Canadian industrial designer, amateur photographer and now blogger! My husband, our 2 sons and I moved from Quebec City in 2010 to the greater Toronto area. We're now living in California since 2012. My blog is about things we discover, learn or funny anecdotes as an expat with kids and other passions of mine; photography & design.

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The Rebecca Project

I left a comfortable life in Sydney in search of adventure. This is the chronicle of my San Francisco life in progess, and what comes next.

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a Window on LA

a French transplant living in Los Angeles: impressions from my life on the other side of the planet.

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Scrollwork: Mid-life quirkyisms from a tropical transplant to California's Central Valley

I see through the lens of a westernized Filipina living in rural California. Corporate writer for 19 years finally gets to write to please herself and a readership that appreciates humor, substance, quirky reflection and the occasional rant. Job loss-occasioned reinvention and the onset of mid-life grumpiness have converged. Come along on my trips of whimsy. Recently dubbed an abstract romantic by a friend, I have embraced the label! I have dollops of empathy for expats, hoarders, and custodial stepparents.

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Life in the LA Bubble

I moved to the US in October 2009 and started this blog one year later when it dawned on me I was trapped in a bubble of Britishness finding it very hard to embrace my new lifestyle. Since then my blog has become a wonderful coping strategy - but will my bubble ever burst?

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Hobbits, Home and Abroad

We moved from California to Scotland and stayed there for 5 years. We tried moving to Puerto Rico and just couldn't make it work, so are now back to California. We'll be spending time between California and Scotland, with some stops off in Iceland.

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Culturally Discombobulated

Culturally Discombobulated is just what the internet needed - another navel-gazing blog. It's my struggle with living in the land of iHops and Dennys. Imagine Alistair Cooke without the charm, talent and contacts and you've pretty much got it.

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Une Québecoise en Californie

A French-Canadian artist, mom, and entrepreneur living in California since 1993.

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Beesybee Fibers

Mexican fiber artist, who loves to spin, knit, sew, weave and all fiber related crafts.

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Advice on Studying Abroad

MariaAbroad provides useful insights on studying abroad, culture, living abroad, adjusting and much more.

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San Francisco Daily Photography

Candid street photography in San Francisco.

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Relocating to Silicon Valley

The joys and challenges of moving into and living in Silicon Valley, California.

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Our expat blog of the month: Bermudian Life

A new business opportunity is what made Adrian, a British expat, want to move to Bermuda. Passionate about travelling and sailing, he decided to take the leap of faith with his wife and kids. Bermudian Life is his blog where he talks about his everyday life as an expat and things to see and do in Bermuda.

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