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Eighty One

A blog all about me and my family and how I'm ajusting to living somewhere else.

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The Fashioniste

Popularity, fashion, glamour, charm, boys, love, style, image, sex, drugs and clubbing... All discussed issues in the Fashioniste!

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Mr Bison's Journal

Opinions from beyond the herd. An Englishman in Missouri and his allegedly humorous writings.

Une Zanatane au Texas

Nouvelles de la famille Franco-Américaine exilée au Texas.

Adventures in Mexico

Adventures in Mexico blog Describes the most interesting things to do and experience in Mexico, what places to go while you are here, fun facts, history, adventure tours and more!

La Chocolatine Voyageuse

La Chocolatine Voyageuse is about one lucky native French teacher travelling and experiencing life in different countries


Middle-aged Yorkshire dog nut survives in Brooklyn's urban sprawl.

Books Travellers Inc.

Books Travellers is the blog of Pia and Julie, two travellers who can't live without books. They review books, but also interview people, and document their best findings (books, bookstores, places to read...).

Our expat blog of the month: Bermudian Life

A new business opportunity is what made Adrian, a British expat, want to move to Bermuda. Passionate about travelling and sailing, he decided to take the leap of faith with his wife and kids. Bermudian Life is his blog where he talks about his everyday life as an expat and things to see and do in Bermuda.