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Expert tips from an Young, Black-British Expat in Abu Dhabi

Arabian Notes offers an insight into daily life as an expat in the UAE with reviews, things to do, travels within the UAE and beyond and more.

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New Hopes, New Dreams

A British Expat who has given up a full time career in the UK to start a new life in Abu Dhabi. New life as a full time mum and aspiring professional photographer is so far from where this expat came from!

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On The Hunt to Abu Dhabi

A journal about our family's move to Abu Dhabi with an infant.

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Mum's Hideout

A blog about life in Abu Dhabi, the funny side of parenting and all it's calamities, and one woman's search for a moment of calm amidst the chaos.

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Living in a Sandcastle - Our Life in Abu Dhabi

Read reviews of our experiences of living in Abu Dhabi and share in our adventures. We love sports and the outdoors and are always looking for new things to try out! This is our life in Abu Dhabi. Its like Living in a Sandcastle.

West Coast Abroad

Stories, pictures, and how-to's from our life living in Sweden, now the UAE

Journey by Caravan

Always on a journey: This stop - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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American Dude in Abu Dhabi

Hi - I recently (in July 2014) moved from Charlotte, NC to Abu Dhabi and so far have been living in hotels and getting to know and get used to the way things are done here. This is a blog about my experiences here starting from my decision to move here. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

The Quantified Expat

A blog sharing my experiences living in Abu Dhabi, with a sprinkling of "quantified self" thrown in.

Desert Dweller

Hi all my name is Naomi I'm the writer of lifestyle blog come visit and enjoy reading. I have a big emphasis on travel fashion food and things to do in the UAE

Blonde in 'bu Dhabi

A humorous blog chronicling my adventures (and seemingly plentiful) missteps in the Middle East and beyond.

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Abu Dhabi Adventure

A Uk family's story of their search for a better life....

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A collective thought of my Travels & Dreams! Plus a lot of Food Trippings!

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Lizzy of Arabia

My name is Liz. I started Lizzy of Arabia to keep my friends and family stateside apprised of our new life here in Abu Dhabi. It has morphed into more of a forum for me to attempt to understand this culture and better understand my own through the eyes of others. There is no better way to get to know your roots than through travel and writing.

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Abu Dhabi Days

Life in the sunshine: restaurants reviews, strange tropical food, amazing skyscrapers, what we do to have fun, from sports to sightseeing, from volunteering to meeting new friends.

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joy of cooking a simple journey through simple cuisines

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The Abu Dhabi PTA

My name is Gina I am an American expat living in the United Arab Emirates and this is my blog. The UAE is a powerful little oil rich country next door to Saudi Arabia and across the gulf from Iraq. It is home to Dubai and Abu Dhabi the most recognizable of the touristy destinations. I have this huge mission. I believe my little blog can ease American/Arab relations through humor. I know, it sounds a little KA-KA-CRAZY! but let's give it a try. During my time here I am going to share my adventures, my experiences and my thoughts about life here in the UAE. This is not a scary place. A little crazy? Yes. Scary? No! Surprisingly, we have lots of fun. There are tons of interesting things to see, do and explore here in the UAE.

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One Desert Mama

This is a blog that isn't about only the things that interest me but stuff that could help out other people, too. So if you enjoy reading about travels, food, mommy talks, etc., feel free to drop me a line.

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Amira in Abu Dhabi

American expat wife, documenting the time in Abu Dhabi.

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Expat of the month:From England to Salvador in the name of love

From England to Salvador in the name of love

Originally from England, Kim had never heard of El Salvador before moving there. It is her love, met online, that led her miles away from her country. Today, they have three children and a cosy family life in Latin America. Kim talks to about her adventure.

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