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Letters To Friends

Recollections of life as a world citizen.

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Inspire To Be Inspired: My Journey To Self Discovery: A 2 Year Tale Of Studies, Travels, And Adventu

This is my personal blog about my studies, work, and experiences in the greater Middle East. I am a singer/actress/future PhD studying Arabic, French, and Hebrew, and I hope you enjoy, learn a little, think a little, and join in my adventures with me!

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Leaving Home Going Home Returning Home

Hi , I moved to Israel in 1984 and lived there for 23 years. I was a great adventure and learning experience. I wanted to share my experiences over these years, The good, the bad, the great and the ugly. So I wrote a memoir. It was the first memoir to cover living in Israel over these years. The name of the book is " Leaving Home, Going Home , Returning Home : A Hebrew American's Sojourn in the Land of Israel". It received great reviews on . It can be purchased by Kindle and save shipping costs to Israel if you are already there , or on the plane. I have a blog of same name and a webpage about the book. A must read for anyone moving to Israel or visiting there.

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Brielle Collins

See life through the eyes of an American interior design and photographer living in Tel Aviv and travelling the world as much as humanly possible. With a focus on inspriing and holistic places, people and things, I guarentee you will feel the urge for adventure after reading my blog.

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Snowtracks in the Desert

A snow lover from the Pacific Northwest moves to Israel: Tracy (aka Snowtracks) is a snowshoer, Instructional Designer, runner, mom, and dragon boat racer from the beautiful Pacific Northwest in the USA. She’s lived in Oregon for the last 15 years and is moving to Israel for a job assignment. Tracy blogs at Snowtracks in the Desert about the experience. Her husband, Stacey (aka Mojotooth), frequently posts on the blog as well. Tracy and Stacey are both working in Israel for a 6-9 month assignment. We hope that what we share makes you laugh a little, learn a little, and if you are moving to Israel, prepares you for the experience. We’d like to tip our collective hat to the bloggers at A Bride in the Desert, How to Be Israeli, and From Gaijin to Goya for paving the way for us. We’re paying it forward now.

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Words from Abroad

Stories from my daily life, my experiences teaching English, and my cultural observations here in Israel.

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Get On In Israel

Information for expats moving to or living in Israel: visas, health insurance, etc.

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I love Tel Aviv

Snippets of the many reasons I think that Tel Aviv is such a great place to live in. Sometimes Tel Aviv is easy to love (beach, great weather all year long, street cafes all around - what's not to like?), sometimes it's more challenging, but at the end - my hometown of 5+ years is really great, and it deserves much better tribute than my humble blog :)

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Security Slacker

A graduate student's take on security policy and life in Israel.

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Life in Israel

Observations from Israel

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Caru Cakes

English baking in the Israeli heat!

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Matzo Blog Soup!

All about my schlep to Israel! I am a 25-year-old life long Chicagoan who has just made Aliyah to Israel. I've left behind my amazing family, friends, home, and career for a new life 7,000 miles away... read about it here!

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The Disgruntled Diner - Tel Aviv

The culinary adventures of the disgruntled diner and brunette searching for decent food in a new land. Read, enjoy and laugh while learning about this unique and exciting country

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cooking and baking in a new country and living on my own for the first time.

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Midlife Singlemum

My IVF journey to motherhood in Israel, my life in Israel as a sinlge mother, teacher, and resident of 23 years. I am a mine of information - some of it useful.

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EMS Arts

Daily life ramblings, my family, my cats, my home, 3D Art, traditional art, scrapbook scrapping, cardmaking, home, vintage, creativity.

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Dutchblog Israel

Observations, articles, opinions etc. in Dutch and English. The author is a historian, who in 1995 emigrated from the Netherlands to Israel.

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Expat of the month:From England to Salvador in the name of love

From England to Salvador in the name of love

Originally from England, Kim had never heard of El Salvador before moving there. It is her love, met online, that led her miles away from her country. Today, they have three children and a cosy family life in Latin America. Kim talks to about her adventure.