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Working in Sweden

Just a nomadic guy who has lived in Singapore, Australia, Norway and now, Sweden. I'm an expert in all things international and work in the music industry. Read about my never-ending adventures.

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a feathery*nest

Scribbles from a New Yorker that moved to Stockholm by way of Sicily. Consummate urbanite feathering my nest, exploring my new city, and learning how to be an American abroad.

NyaKenya Wairimu

Lets have a conversation...My Name is Priscah Wairimu names given to me by my mother Nyambura and Nyakenya is a name i picked out of my many Nicknames hence my blog name NyaKenya Wairimu simply meaning Wairimu daughter of Kenya.I am a happy talkative person and i love conversations...any kind of conversation depending on the moods of the time/day and a die hard fan of dreams, goals, values, mission and visions. In This blog thats what i will be doing having conversations with you about anything, nothing and Make yourselves comfortable and lets converse!!

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New Beginnings in Sweden

About moving from Chicago to Stockholm and my experiences.

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A Canadian Designer in Sweden sharing decor and design discoveries and inspiration. Culture shock, DIY, events and the Stockholm Directory.

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The Grass is Dancing

Ex pat life & random adventures in Stockholm.

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Life is Swede

American ex pat in Stockholm, writing an account of figuring out life in a new country one day at a time ;-)

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Jamie Writes

In May 2013, my husband and I packed up all our stuff and moved from Boston, Massachusetts to Stockholm, Sweden with our two cats. These days, we're enjoying our new home and can usually laugh at the challenges it comes with. I hope you'll not only enjoy following along, but participate as well!

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%u273FBunny in Stockholm%u273F

Curious to experience and be inspired by art, food, multi-culture and beautiful Stockholm. Sharing how I view Sweden and other cultures through this blog!

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Stories From Stockholm

California girl with a Swedish heart... Cultural musings, tales of weekends and adventures in cities and in the countryside, endless observations on people and relationships. All through the filter of my love for Sweden.

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2 hills in Stockhom

A day in the life of the only 2 hills in Stockholm. Giving you an inside view from a non-Swede about living in Swede This is the journey of a Dutchie in Stockholm We decided to make Stockholm our new home and I have to start up everything new in Stockholm. New Job, new friends, new house with Mrs Hills, the love of my life Hope you gonna like this real life series on internet

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American-desi in Sweden

The life of a Bangladeshi-born American who married the love of her life and left her home and moved to Sweden.

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Travels in C Minor

Journey through Stockholm, Sweden and the best places in Europe. With lots of photography to inspire you. Tips and travel advice.

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My Life and Journeys in Sweden!

A blog on my life away from home and just about anything Swedish and Filipino!

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Lost in Stockholm

Meeting, dating, and understanding the Swedish Male. Plus, how to survive in that strange country up north. It was formally The World of a Nomad.

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Hus Langford

Detailing my efforts to build, and live in, a summer house in the Stockholm Archipelago

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A Different Life

An American Dad in Sweden takes on a tiny apartment, a growing family, no car, paid parental leave and American from a distance.

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Stockholm Expat

An American expat in Stockholm. Job hunt tips, news, events and more.

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The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

Chelsea has been living in London for just over a year now but she has been dreaming about this life since she was a little girl. Europe has always been Chelsea's place to be. Our American girl documents her life abroad on her blog The Portable Wife.

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