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Ships Are For Sailing

A blog about navigating life in Russia as an expat.


hiMoscow is a blog about life and places in Moscow.

Kidding Herself

Kidding Herself is a child's guide to going out in and around Moscow (and formerly London).

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The Adventure Quester

A crazy Indian railway enthusiast, an ardent traveller and a biologist. I dislike travelling first class, instead second class travel on Indian railways bring me a lot of joy as this is where you will find the real India, meet some amazing people and learn a lot of lessons of life. Presently residing in Izhevsk (इज़ास्क), Russia pursuing PhD in immunology at the Udmurt State University.

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Blog about SPB and Russia in general. In polish and english.

Invisible in Moscow

British expat arrives in Moscow to discover that, incredibly, she has become invisible. Using this new superpower, she writes about all the everyday, in-between places and people she meets. How to see the invisible in Moscow.

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Home & Away

Narrating the double-expat experience one idiosyncrasy at a time.

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The Sky Is Just the Sky

A new start in the Russian Federation!

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Swimming Adventures in Siberia

This is a blog about my thoughts, observations, and adventures in the Siberian wilderness. Or cities. I try to keep an open mind about cultures but when there are things I don't understand or annoy me, I will also write about it.

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Eye On Moscow

Observations, tutorials and ramblings from Moscow: "How To Make A Russian Person Eat", "How To Shake Hands, In Russian", and "Occupy The Queue".

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Crazy Russians and an Englishman

Hilarious blog about an Englishman in Moscow, Russia. %u201CFrom start to finish a laugh out loud read... you never know what%u2019s going to happen next!%u2019 The blog provides a honest and humorous, if not sometimes unusual outlook on Moscow and Russia, their people and culture, and gives useful information that can be used as a resource for would be travellers to Russia.

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Must See Moscow

Unusual facts about Moscow. Funny stories from inside told by a foreigner living here. The way I see it. What to do, where to go, what to see, what to be careful about, must see places, culture shock and a lot more!

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Dream, Explore, Love

Thoughts on my travels, and life in Moscow.

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Pictures of the Volga Region from 2006 to 2007.

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Stephanie Says

Many people haven't even seen an opera, but I live in one daily. I'm an American pianist and vocal coach who made my way to Moscow. I'll spend a year playing at the Bolshoi, working to master the Russian language...or at least pronounce it correctly!...and figuring out how to run in this city. And maybe longer!

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Northern Lad in Moscow

A blog about an English Northerner in Moscow, Russia. This blog documents the ups, downs and the bits in between. Useful for everyone...sometimes. Comment on the Blog, share it with your friends and enjoy! :)

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View Russia

"Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Tran. I'm an expat living in Russia. I create this blog as a space to share my interest about living here. I'd like to share my story, experience, learning, reviewing anything around me. I also write about language and some other useful information. I hope what I've viewed can give some picture about Russia to foreigners, tourists, whoever that want to know about this country. Please feel free to comment or exchange any view here. Happy blogging!%u201D

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3 Years in Moscow

Observations and photographs during an Australian's three year posting to Moscow

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A Year in Moscow

I wasn't enjoying my job in London so I decided to learn Russian in Moscow instead.

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An English girl in Sydney: Annabel Symonds, full disclosure

Behind the blog Londoner in Sydney, is Annabel Symonds. Seven years ago, travel enthusiast Annabel followed the love of her life to Sydney. Since then, the pair have travelled the world, taken Londoner in Sydney to new heights and attempted to move back to England. Annabel's blog has been featured in the Top 25 Expat blogs in the World by Feedspot and Top 10 Australia Expat blog by International Money Transfers. She tells us all about her thrilling expat life in the Land Down Under!

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